Ikea Bygel Hack

Ikea Bygel Basket Hack

Ever since we moved in to this place, my jewelry has sat in ziplock baggies, (remember my nifty cheap jewelry transportation trick?) It’s been on my bathroom counter, a sloppy mountain of unorganized earrings and bracelets (I already hung my necklaces on cork boards), and it’s been driving me CAR-AZZZY. I’ve been fighting the urge to run out and buy the first earring organizer I can find.

A few days ago, as I was putting away some things, I ran across five or six of my old bygel baskets that I used to store fruit in back at our first town home in Atascadero. As I stared at the bottom panel (unattached to the basket), I realized that there were six holes across, many rows down….LIGHTBULB OF INSPIRATION.

I headed straight to the earrings and started putting them in the holes. It works it works!!! I thought. I hung them up on the wall, and voila! Jewelry problem solved! An Ikea Bygel Hack that saves money and gives off the industrial chic vibe I’ve been going for.

Bygel Basket Hack


Ikea Bygel Hack earring holder

These Bygel Baskets are only $2.99 at Ikea, so if you’re looking to make yourself an industrial chic earring holder, here you go! Less than $6 for the whole thing!

Bygel Baskets hack on wall


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  • Seana Turner

    Wow, that is an awesome repurpose. Hanging earrings is the best way to store them. I’m going to share this out:)

  • Julia Nyanyo

    Clever clever clever, I love having earring out on show, it’s definitely the best was to make sure they actually get worn.

  • http://simplenailsandbeauty.com/ Jen @ Simple Nails and Beauty

    So stinkin’ clever! And I love how sleek this organization option looks!

    I would love for you to link up this jewelry organization post at this week’s Beauty
    Frenzy Friday blog link party! Every post that links up will get pinned
    and have the chance to be featured the following week.