Our Rustic Master Bedroom– A Preview


Despite the fact that I am super busy with my last two weeks of grad school (whoop!) we decided to switch around 2 of the rooms in our house. You see, on the one side we have a semi-noisy neighbor who likes to play loud mariachi music and talk radio stations from 1-7pm, 3 days a week (his days off, I found out) in his backyard. It’s not too loud while you’re in the house– in fact, you can only really hear it in one room. The room that was our office. The one room where I try to have absolute peace and quiet so I can study fruitfully sitting on my mattress, found a comfortable one after I saw some Latex For Less reviews. Our office is also where I teach online one hour a day, and since the office room shared a wall with the boys’ room, my online students could actually hear Gregory and AJ playing through my microphone!

As I thought more about the problem, a room switch just seemed to make such perfect sense. Out of all 3 bedrooms, the current office was the smallest at 11’x12,’ had the best full length mirror, and yet it was where we spent the most time since I work/study from home AND I’ve set up all the boys’ preschool and art supplies. With Jesse starting a PhD program in the fall, he will also need the office for lots of peaceful studying. The master bedroom was on the opposite side of the house and few feet larger so switching our office for the master bedroom seemed like a good fit all around. The bed in the master bedroom suit all because it was clothed in the best mattresses for scoliosis, and so, could also be used for people afflicted with the malady. If the neighbor’s music is bothering me, I will simply turn on Pandora for a few hours a week! Thankfully the music never goes later than dinner time.

So….while Jesse went to hang out with some guy friends and watch the fight, I got busy moving furniture. Over the past few days, I’ve finally finished moving over clothes and wall decorations, while also trading out all of our winter clothes for summer stuff (since it’s finally made it up to 80 here!).

This is not the official house tour, since we still have a few more projects to finish, and I took all these quickly on my iPhone. But I figured a preview was better than nothing for now!



We have the most beautiful view of the backyard from the window to the left of our bed.



My glorious garden is getting so big! And I’ve only had to water it 3 times (since it’s been raining 2-3x/week here all spring).



Lights Above Bed

The unfortunate part about our house is that since it was built in the 40s, the closets are tiny! Apparently, people didn’t believe in good sized closets until at least the 80s. Oh well, our price to pay for owning a piece of history, I guess? At least whoever remodeled the house put in central heat and air conditioning! Learn more at flairpros.com about impeccable AC repair, install & preventive maintenance solutions.

Since we had the same situation in the previous master bedroom across the house, we had already purchased an industrial clothing rack for me to hang my clothes on. I have actually really enjoyed this, because it’s much easier to choose outfits when I have all the clothes displayed in front of me. We upgraded to all matching wood hangers around 8 years ago, so that part was easy. To the left of the clothing rack is the bedroom door and the hallway that leads to the kitchen and the boys’ bedroom.

Also, I have a boot/shoes addiction. This isn’t even everything– the rest are hanging behind the bedroom door.Rustic Master Bedroom


In the bigger bedroom across the house, I actually had a small vanity table, but I did have to sell it when we moved things over here since there just wasn’t enough room. I found a way to make it work though, using my $5 jewelry organizers (tutorial here), and a piece of craft wood sawed in half and bolted to the wall. I also plan on getting a plug in hairstyling center like this one from Amazon. And I kept my log stool as a way to sit in front of the full length tilt mirror. Rustic Makeup Vanity

And last but not least, the messy corner where the dressers are. I haven’t finished hanging or organizing stuff here yet, mostly because I’m not quite sure what I want. All of my makeup now resides on top of my dresser instead of in my vanity table, which actually works out better since the boys were getting a little too “curious” with it all!

Oh, and yes, that is a Forever 21 bag. I went to the one at Northpark Mall last week and regretted it terribly. TEENAGE GIRLS GIGGLING, everywhere I turned. The store was a mess too. I got home and made Jesse promise to never let me go there again.


(Bygel Earring Holder Ikea Hack, tutorial here)



In hope you enjoyed our Rustic Master Bedroom (work in process)! For other tours, you can see our Cottage Living Room and our Cottage Dining Room.


Source List:

Iron Platform Bed (also using a thin futon mattress): Vintage Craigslist Find

Dressers: Ikea Rast

Nightstand: Plant stand from Craigslist

Trunk: Vintage from Craigslist

Clothing Rack: Ikea

Stand up Tilt Mirror: Home Goods

Purse Hooks: Home Goods

Craft Log: Hobby Lobby

Brush holder: Plant pot from Ikea

Aztec Rug: Anthropologie

Birchwood Logs for hanging: Home Goods

Outdoor Lights: World Market

White Voile Curtains: Walmart

Clip-on Bedside Lights: Lowe’s

Bedspread and Blanket: Target

Pillows: Homemade and Vintage


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  • http://www.TheSeanaMethod.com/ Seana Turner

    Looks great, Kelly. Having a space you can work is very important.. my daughter was just talking to me about this yesterday. I love your organization solutions.. the cute little wood shelves are a terrific idea – make the most of the space, right? Glad the music doesn’t go late into the night… I would hate that!