Jewelry Holder for only $5

A few months ago, I wrote about how I had discovered a way to transport all of my necklaces and earrings safely during our move across the country. Everything made it, but since I sold my large jewelry box before we moved, I needed a new way to organize everything. I knew I wanted it to be pretty, handy, near my dressing mirror, and also cheap.

Here’s what I’ve come up with! I’ve been using it for 4 weeks, and I love it!


You won’t believe how easy it was either. I ordered 12×12 cork boards from Amazon– $6 for 4 of them, working out to less than $2 a board. I had some leftover scrapbook paper that was also exactly 12×12 (or you could buy some by the sheet from Michaels Crafts), hot glued it on, and then used wall hanging tape to throw them up on the wall! You can use cute pushpins like these ones from Target, or you can use anything, doesn’t matter as long as it holds!

For heavier necklaces, I used two pins. You can also see I hung a bracelet down below in the empty space.



Don’t you just love these cute little white pushpins?


I love how accessible everything is now. Before, when all of my jewelry was stuffed in that box, I never felt inspired to use anything but the same necklace over and over again. Now that I see it all displayed, I can pick and choose in front of the dressing mirror, putting it right back if it doesn’t work.

How do you store your jewelry? I am still looking for a way to hang earrings (important stuff, I know). More on that later!

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  • sarah marie

    This is cute! I have an earring holder I made that I love, but I might have to try this for my necklaces! (I should do a blog post of the earring holder I did… It’s cute and functional!)