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Hi! Thanks for visiting! If we are going to be friends, here are a few things you should know:

* I sometimes host coffee dates here with my readers. Join in the fun!

* My husband and I have foster parented 3 kids thus far, along with parenting our own three boys ages 6, 4 and 3 months. Life is crazy, that’s for sure! Someday, we’ll have a 4th baby. Or adopt. Who knows?

* I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and had one post go completely viral all over the internet.

* But I actually don’t care about what the internet has to say. At least, not most of the time (no one’s perfect? Or even close?).

* For some even crazier stuff about me, visit here!

And now….drumroll…my life story….

I was born in Southern CA. When I was 4, my parents moved my brother and I up to CA’s Central Coast where I spent the next 13 years of my life.

Old Family Photo

I attended North County Christian School in Atascadero for high school, finishing in 3 years.

At 17, I went to Biola University and got my undergrad degree in English, finishing in 3.5 years!!! I was also part of the Torrey Honors Program. I traveled to Europe twice, visiting England, France, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Turkey and a few islands in the Mediterranean.

My freshman year at Biola, I started dating a friend of mine who I’d known almost my entire life. At the beginning of my Junior year, we got engaged!


Three days after my senior year began, August 26, 2006,  Jesse Cone and I got married at the Hummingbird House in Templeton, CA.


In April, 2007, Jesse and I were chrismated into the Orthodox Church.


In June, 2007, I graduated from Biola!

Graduation Biola headshot

3 months after I graduated from Biola, Jesse and I moved to Dallas to attend the University of Dallas to get our M.A. degrees.

We spent 4 years in Dallas. I worked in 2 different schools teaching English. I also started my own piano teaching business. I had over 40 students at one point!

In October, 2010, we welcomed our adorable firstborn Gregory, usually referred to as “G”. He was born at a birth center in the heart of Dallas.

Pregnant with Gregory

DSC03178 Gregory Lawrence-333Cone Family-83 Gregory dirt mustache, September 2012

In August, 2011, Jesse and I moved back to California’s Central Coast to accept English teaching jobs at our old high school. We also found out that we were expecting our second baby boy!

20 weeks

20 weeks

In April, 2012, Anthony (usually referred to as AJ) was born.

anthony-james birth

My two boys bring Jesse and I more joy than anything in the world.

Gregory and AJ hugging 2013

Anthony with Gregory 9 months Anthony's 1st Birthday 19 Anthony's 1st Birthday 47

In March, 2013, we bought our very first house together!

Valle 31


Due to a teaching job relocation, we moved back to Dallas in August of 2014. We sold our beloved CA house and bought another, right in a funky/forested area of Dallas!
Fuller House before 12

Driving in the car with G     Jesse and Kelly on dance floor melissa jean photography - family photographer-15

In 2017, I became a Gold Leader with Young Living, after 6 months of working the business. A month prior, I also gave birth to my 3rd baby boy, Thomas.

Meeting Thomas for the first time Thomas leaving the hospital


In the summer of 2017, we sold our house, paid off most of our debt, and moved into our dream neighborhood. Our house looks old, but it’s actually only a couple years old!


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In the fall of 2017, I hit the rank of Platinum with Young Living, 1.5 years after starting the business. This company has changed our lives forever.

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We recently bought a travel trailer and have been spending many of our weekends traveling the US! I also love yoga, so if you do too, I know we’ll be friends 😉

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  • Katie Clark

    Hi there, I’m a new follow from the Mommy Monday Blog Hop. I love your blog and can’t wait to have a proper read through your posts. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • themrscone


  • Janice Armstrong

    I am so glad I found you through Casey’s link up…love your honesty and found flicking through your posts so refreshing! Glad to be your newest follower!

    • Kelly Cone

      Thank you, Janice! Returning the favor!

  • Patty Romack

    Found your blog today through SITS, and can I just say that I can’t stop reading! You have such a heart-warming way with words, and your blog is welcoming and warm. Happy SITS Day!

    • Kelly Cone

      Thank you so much Patty!

  • Mae

    What a beautiful family! I am so excited I found you through the blog hop and look forward to reading more!!

    -Mae @

    • Kelly Cone

      Thanks, Mae! 🙂

  • Shannon Nichole

    Wow! Interesting to find you. I live on the Central Coast, Atascadero currently! I noticed a post where you were talking about the Central Coast and I couldn’t believe it! Your story is awesome, and your family is beautiful.

    • Kelly Cone

      Wow! Atascadero was where we lived and where we’re currently selling our house!

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  • Sarah Wright

    So excited that I found your blog! I’m also an Orthodox Christian (I blog over the, English teacher, and a mom of 3. And, my sister-in-law went to Biola the same time that you did. I suppose there’s not a chance that you knew Juli Nass? Love the blog and am looking forward to reading more articles.

  • Katie Ho

    What a blessed family! Feeling so much grace when reading your sharing. So nice to meet you here. I am from another part of the world which is Macau, somewhere near Hong Kong. Also a sister in Christ. And I just searched on Internet for books recommended for piano teaching as I am going to start my piano teaching job. Thanks for the informative sharing and I love your page 🙂

    • Greentealatte1

      Me too! I also found your blog by looking for piano book recommendations, and am also a sister in Christ. You have a lovely family 🙂

  • Chelsea Parady

    I’m going to be keeping an eye on you & this adventure you have called life! You are an inspiration for definite. Trin & I think your the coolest!!