An Easy and Cheap Way To Pack Jewelry


The time has come for the minute packing to begin. We are also on our second round of purging, and I’ve finally decided to get rid of the large jewelry chest I’ve had for over 8 years. It’s still very pretty, but after moving it across the country a few times, I’ve decided that it’s too much hassle (the sides are made of glass) and I’d also like a fresh start.

I’ve been considering making a few jewelry holders embedded with some simulated diamonds to hang on the wall. I figure that if I see all my best gold plated bracelets wholesale and jewelry laid out, I might actually wear it more often? Does this work for anyone else?

Anyways, it’s come time to pack my jewelry away for the move. Despite all of the moves I’ve done in my adult life (this is the 8th!), I’ve never figured out how to pack my necklaces without getting them all tangled. One time I bagged each one individually in a sandwich bag, but that was tedious and didn’t really help it from getting tangled with itself. I saw a few ideas on Pinterest, but then suddenly realized that I could imitate the way that manufacturers package theirs! Visit to get more tips and fashion accessories images.

Enter: a $1 pack of index cards. I sliced two diagonal lines at the top of each card and slid the necklace through, centering it on the front of the card.




I then turned the card over and taped up the slack. End of story!


I suppose that this might not be a way to transport really expensive jewelry. Luckily (?) I don’t have this problem. Sure, I have nice-er jewelry, but it’s not really expensive– more, sentimental. Take this 14k gold amethyst necklace. I got it at a small village in rural England—same place where I got some wooden watches before the wedding—while antique shopping with my roommate. It’s from 16th century England!


Or this white gold/diamond necklace that I wore for my wedding. Due to a pregnancy-induced nickel allergy, I can no longer wear white gold, but I am definitely saving this for my daughter someday.


I was even able to use index cards for all of my earrings! Notice, I found matching 14k amethyst earrings to match the necklace! We were in a different antique store in Paris when I found them. I think I must’ve only paid around 40 euros for 300 year old earrings!



Am I the only one who’s just now learned how to pack and organize jewelry?

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  • Seana Turner

    I use a jewelry organizer I got years ago. I also thread necklaces through a straw to keep them from tangling. But I love your tip for the earrings… that is really cheap and great, even if it is just for a vacation!

    • Kelly Cone

      I’ve always wondered how the straw idea would work with thicker necklaces? I’m still coming up with solution for those.

      • Seana Turner

        They don’t work for chunky necklaces… for those I usually wrap in tissue or a paper towel and roll them up, then nest them together.

  • stephbrownthinks

    I always do the straw thing too. I don’t do anything for thicker necklaces. I only have a few and they don’t tangle like fine chains do. I usually throw my rings and earrings in a egg carton:)

  • Andrea Becher

    Oh my goodness…I wish I had seen this trick two days ago before I threw everything into a little drawer and immediately dreaded the tangle I am going to have to fix when we arrive in Washington!

    • themrscone

      This is the first time moving cross country where I HAvEN’T just shoved it all somewhere 🙂 Finally learned my lesson!