What I Wore Wednesday– Second Day Hair

Aztec shirt cover

Before I cut my hair short, second day hair (and third and fourth day, but who’s counting) looked more like the “mommy top knot”. I never knew what to do with it. My hair gets oily, and fine hair + oil do NOT mix.

With my new haircut, I’ve been challenging myself to use dry shampoo, and I LOVE how it is turning out! At night, I twist my hair up into five different sections and secure with bobby pins. The next morning, I take them out, spray in some dry shampoo, and VOILA! I finally love my second and third day hair! The “no heat damage” is an added plus!

Aztec shirt front

Shirt: Papaya/ Jeans: Gap/ Shoes: Aerosoles/ Bracelet: World Market

Aztec shirt side view

What tricks do you have for second day hair? Also, have you tried the new “no-poo” rage that’s trending right now?

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What I Wore Wednesday– I Cut My Hair!

White peasant blouse

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I cut my hair last Friday. After the poll I took last week, I ended up choosing a mixture of the 2nd and 3rd options, in that I cut off over a foot, but also had to color correct the green (from this green hair debacle). Get this: the color she put on my hair was a DARK CHESTNUT/RED BROWN. I kid you not. My hair is SO blonde that putting one of the darkest browns on it just turned it a little less blonde. No matter how hard I try, I will always be a blonde! I can’t change this!

haircut 2014

Taken just moments after leaving the salon

Even though I love wearing it down, it’s still the perfect length for wearing in a ponytail. I have naturally SUPER SUPER straight hair, and have fortunately used biotin supplements on them only a few times in the past. So when I decide not to style it all, just letting it air dry, I actually get comments from people like, “Oh, wow, what kind of straightener do you use?” I always hate to break it to people that I’ve NEVER needed a hair straightener– ever.

White peasant blouse with jeans

Shirt: Target/ Tank: Old Navy/ Jeans: Gap/ Shoes: Target/ Earrings: Gift from Mexico

White Peasant Blouse Target

Things are really settling down here now that our foster boys have been moved, but I already miss them so much! I am already counting down the days until I get to help babysit them 🙂 Thank you for all the encouraging emails and comments, they’ve meant so much!

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Hair Style Vote!

We are taking a break from our scheduled What I Wore Wednesday programming to fix a hair dilemma.

Remember when I talked about my green hair? And how I had to fry it in order to fix it?

The green is back, my friends. Slowly, it has crept back. And the ends of my hair are so fried, I’m afraid to even wash it in toner.

So, I mayday texted my hairstylist and made my appointment. I have until FRIDAY to make up my mind.

Here are the three options:

Exhibit 1: Dreadlocks. Okay, okay, hear me out. Will I ever get another chance to do this? If I’m going to chop it all off anyways…?

blonde dreadlocks



Exhibit 2: Dying it brown. This is also something I’ve always wanted to do! Going darker won’t damage my hair like bleach will. Perhaps if I just trim off the dead ends, I can live with it for a little longer.

caramel brown


Exhibit 3: Ombre Bob. This is probably the option I’m most the fan of right now, but the thought of cutting off so much hair stresses me out. But a fresh start? Getting rid of the green forever?

ombre bob


What’s your vote? What should I do?

What I Wore Wednesday– On A Boat

Kelly on a boat in Morro Bay

This last Saturday, Jesse and I were the “chaperones of honor” at his school’s High School Prom (for those of you who are new readers, we’ve chaperoned quite a few proms, including one where I was only 3 weeks postpartum with AJ!). This year, they held the festivities on a boat out in Morro Bay harbor. This post is dedicated to this special event. I spent most of the night parked next to the buffet table eating all the salmon and filet mignon 🙂 The food was really THAT yummy!

Boat Picture under a blanket

Unlike my high school proms of yore, I had no idea what I was going to wear until the “moment of”.  Most of my stuff is packed away due to our house staging/selling process, but I did have one of my favorite dresses still hanging in the closet. Since no heels were allowed on the boat and it was destined to be cold and windy, I also decided to wear my favorite black button up boots. It wasn’t until later that I realized both items were made by “Tahari” (bought at Marshalls in their designer section). Weird coincidence!

Kelly on a boat from behind

Dress: Tahari/ Boots: Tahari/ Earrings: Seashells (gift)/ Necklace: White gold and amethyst (gift)

Kelly on a boat

We got to see all of these seals resting in the middle of the bay.

Seals, Morro Rock

Morro Bay Rock from a boat

Isn’t he the coolest chaperone?

Jesse the cool chaperone

Morro Rock at Sunset

Jesse and I on the boat

Also, my little sister is about to become famous. Isn’t she gorgeous? And classy? You can’t see, but she wore bright red Toms with this black dress 🙂

janelle at prom cropped

Janelle with her date