I’ve Got A Crush

To be honest, my brain and sanity are just completely fried. It’s been a long hard week, and the next 36 hours will be brutal as our buyer will either back out of the escrow or give us a long list full of expensive things she wants fixed. Our heater on our rental here in TX is STILL not fixed, and as this is probably the 10th repair that we’ve had to wait months on (our water heater took them 3 months to fix), we’re just frustrated and kind of mad at our landlord. Having a freezing cold house on top of all the crazy escrow stuff is just the “icing” on the cake.

In the interest of distracting myself from the stress of all the living situation stuff, I compiled a list of pretty things that I would love to get, either for my birthday (hear ye, hear ye, husband!) or save up for.

Last week, Jesse and I finally caved and bought an actual platform bed from Craigslist. This duvet cover by Society 6 would match oh-so-perfectly, but at $99 I’m not just going to run out and buy it.
society 6 duvet arrows

American Eagle moccasin slippers— all of AE’s clearance is 60% off until Monday, making these slippers only $12! On top of that, they also offer free shipping right now on any amount purchased! I had a little eBay money I’ve been saving, so I went ahead and got them.

American Eagle slippers


Fairbault Throw— Can you believe that Target sells such a beautiful blanket? Okay, I can. It’s $80 though, so it’s hardly cheap. Wouldn’t it look so nice with the duvet cover above??

Fairbault throw

Speaking of Target, I tried on this moto jacket there last night (a little “mommy needs to get away to save her sanity” excursion!) and it was dreamy. Like a glove, I tell you.

Moto jacket

And then it would be nice to get the perfect Tribal / Chukka Boots like these from Toms. I also found some similar ones for only $29 at DSW shoes.

Toms Tribal Boots


Speaking of shoes, I’ve really been wanting a pair of rain boots, but we don’t get enough rain for me to justify this $50 purchase…maybe someday! These boots by Dirty Laundry have both black and brown on them so they can match almost anything.
Dirty Laundry Rain boots


Alright, there’s my little list of pretty things to buy. Granted, I can’t really buy any of it for a while, since our housing situation is costing an arm and a leg right now (have I complained enough about this lately? no? I can keep going….), but I know that someday we will have spending money again.

What about you? Any of these things on your wishlist?

What I Wore– Date At the Mall

Winter Outfit

Last week, Jesse and I went on a real-life, no-kids date at the mall. This was our first date since our anniversary at the end of August, and it was VERY refreshing! We went to the Galleria mall near us, watched ice skaters dance around the giant 4-story tall Christmas tree, ate bacon burgers, got milkshakes, and even saw a weird fashion show with real people posing as statues (bizarre).Mall outfit shoes

Coat: Aeropostale/ Turtleneck Sweater: Gap/ Cords: Seven 7/ Boots: / Beanie: Vintage/ Ceramic Feather Earrings: VintageMall picture in beanie

In case you can’t tell from the outfit, it’s gotten SUPER COLD here in Dallas. The past week, we haven’t broke 40 degrees, and hovered mainly around 28, even in the middle of the day! Last night, we had SNOW!

Winter Outfit at the mall


Here’s to hoping we get a few more kid-free dates in the near future!

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Ikea Bygel Hack

Ikea Bygel Basket Hack

Ever since we moved in to this place, my jewelry has sat in ziplock baggies, (remember my nifty cheap jewelry transportation trick?) It’s been on my bathroom counter, a sloppy mountain of unorganized earrings and bracelets (I already hung my necklaces on cork boards), and it’s been driving me CAR-AZZZY. I’ve been fighting the urge to run out and buy the first earring organizer I can find.

A few days ago, as I was putting away some things, I ran across five or six of my old bygel baskets that I used to store fruit in back at our first town home in Atascadero. As I stared at the bottom panel (unattached to the basket), I realized that there were six holes across, many rows down….LIGHTBULB OF INSPIRATION.

I headed straight to the earrings and started putting them in the holes. It works it works!!! I thought. I hung them up on the wall, and voila! Jewelry problem solved! An Ikea Bygel Hack that saves money and gives off the industrial chic vibe I’ve been going for.

Bygel Basket Hack


Ikea Bygel Hack earring holder

These Bygel Baskets are only $2.99 at Ikea, so if you’re looking to make yourself an industrial chic earring holder, here you go! Less than $6 for the whole thing!

Bygel Baskets hack on wall


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What I Wore– Fall Tunic

What I Wore Birds

The weather here in Texas has been BEAUTIFUL lately. Mostly 70s, sunny with a light breeze– perfect Fall weather! Fall and Spring are my absolute two favorite seasons in Dallas. One can wear either long or short sleeves and still be comfortable, and even get away with a few extra days of wearing sandals. Am I right?

A friend of mine, who used to work at a couple cool thrift shops, gave me this top when I was visiting in CA. She was wearing it one day a few months back, and I gave her a ton of compliments, so she decided to gift it to me! Also, forgot to mention last week, but I got another haircut whilst I was near my old stylist. The last of the green hair is gone, my friends! And, would you believe it, she used DARK DARK reddish-brown on my hair, once again (a 4, for those of you who know, or you can look at this hair dye chart). And yet…it doesn’t even look slightly brown. Still blonde. Always and forever. I have a feeling that Jesse made a deal with God, with terms like, “No matter what kind of crazy idea Kelly goes to her stylist with, DON’T LET IT HAPPEN”.

What I Wore Back


What I Wore closeup

What I Wore Bird Shirt 1

 Shirt: Lauren Conrad (thrift)/ Pants: Seven7/ Sandals: Steve Madden/ Necklace: Express

What I Wore feetWhat are your favorite things to wear during Fall?