House Tour– The Boys’ Room

Boys Room with toddler beds

It’s been a while since I posted– because we were in SOUTH AFRICA for half of December! I have plenty of pictures to show, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I finally decided to take pictures of the boys room, mainly because we just bought them bigger beds and the room will change drastically. I am using the transition to “real” beds (hint: we bought bunkbeds!) as an excuse to phase out some of the more “baby” decor, and replace it with boyish things.

But I know that I will one day want to look back and remember this little room as it was for one year.

Their two little toddler beds fit so nicely along one wall 🙂

Boys Room Two Toddler Beds


This is Gregory’s side of the room. While I have a few memorable things up on the wall (his baby footprints, his saint, etc.) I also gave him some freedom to hang a few of his “treasures” from Sunday School and his medal from soccer. Over on the wall, they each have a hook for sweatshirts, along with another set of hooks for bathrobes and backpacks.

Boys Room Gregory's Side

Boys Room Vintage Posters on wall Boys Room Footprints in frame


Next to his bed are a few crates housing his books. He loves sitting on his bed or in his little chair to read!Boys Room Crate Bookshelves


On the other side of the room is AJ’s bed and his books.

Boys Room AJ's side

Boys Room Pictures in Frame

Boys Room AJ's Books


On the wall next to AJ’s side is the play kitchen and stuffed animal basket.

Boys Room Play Kitchen


A small peek inside their closet with the chalkboard dresser fronts:Boys Room Closet

To install the closet and other doors, we had to visit this retailers website to get our choice of furnishments, and we weren’t disappointed in the slightest.

As I’ve explained in previous posts, we keep just a few toys out and rotate them. I stuck to this technique when we had our foster boys– my rule was that I had to be able to pick it all up in under 10 minutes, or there was too much stuff. Turns out, they play more happily when there’s less out at a time anyways!Boys Room Toy Shelves with Baskets


Above the toys shelves is some of the remaining Baby Room decor. Boys Room Owls on the wall


And then, finally, a shot looking back out into the hallway, with a little surprise on the back of the door…Boys Room Far Wall


Perfect 🙂Boys Room Basketball Hoop on door

Late Nights at the DMA


Life has been very busy around here! I’m in my final 3 weeks of grad school (which, for a procrastinator like me, means it’s doomsday around here), Pascha came (it was wonderful! but we’re still so tired!) and most of my family came to visit for a week (1 bathroom for 8 people…).

And now, to make matters worse, we have severe weather in the forecast here in TX, beginning tonight and lasting until Friday. And then we pick up a few more storms on Sunday and Monday!

As soon as we finally put up a carport or garage to protect our car from hail (of which there is plenty in the springtime) and perhaps a storm shelter in the house, I’ll feel a lot more secure as these storms are rolling through. Until then, we have a good friend whose basement we can borrow if things are looking dicey!

But back to last week: while my family was here, we took my little sister, brother and his girlfriend to the Dallas Art Museum. Due to scheduling overload, we knew that we weren’t going to make it before the normal 5pm close time on Friday, but when I looked at the website again, I realized that the 3rd Friday of every month is called, “Late Nights at the DMA”, meaning they are open until midnight!

What I didn’t realize until we got there was that “Late Nights at the DMA” doesn’t just mean it’s open late– it also means that they have fun activities and live music all night long! And since there’s no admission fee to get into the museum, it’s all for free! We had the time of our lives playing darts on the best electronic dart board I might have come across.

First, we saw a harpist play jazz music accompanied by a spanish guitarist (I never knew this could happen, but it was awesome!).  Next, we saw a folksy band setting up on the main stage and uncovering the Yamaha Piano Cover, but instead of sticking around we starting looking at some of the art. Little by little, as the songs drifted up to us (you could hear some sort of live music no matter where you were standing in the museum), we got drawn more and more towards it, so finally I looked at my sister and said, “We can see the art another time– would you just like to go downstairs, get a front row table and listen?”


So that’s how we wound up with a front row (just 5-10 feet away) table, listening to Ginny Mac perform live. She’s absolutely incredible! Picture Amy Winehouse meets a 40s sultry bar singer. She plays the accordion while singing as well! The whole show (she had a band with her) blew us away. Not to mention, they were also selling wine and beer. How many times does one get to kick back, watch some amazing live music, whilst drinking a glass of wine?

If you’re ever in Dallas on the 3rd Friday of the month, I highly recommend the DMA!


Dallas Snow Days!


I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it is to get snow a few times a year. Living in CA for 3 years, we certainly missed having any sort of weather, even rain! Now, we get rain at least a few times a month, and just got 4 inches of snow in the last week!

It’s rare to be getting Dallas snow days, much less this late into the winter season, but we definitely tried to make the most of it. As I mentioned, Jesse not only had 2.5 days off from work (great timing so that we could unpack!), but we also got enough of it on Friday afternoon that Gregory was able to play in it!

Here are a few pictures of us having a ball out in our new front yard!

Snow in front of the house



Gregory with his snowman Dallas with snowSnow on Victorian House


And if you want to know what happens when two little boys get cooped up for a few days….