Since Jesse and I were the Student Council advisors this semester, we chaperoned the high school’s “Spring Formal/Prom” this last Saturday.

Funny enough, the venue, a beachside restaurant with windows that overlooked the surf, was the same exact location of my senior prom, exactly 9 years ago.

So it brought up some interesting thoughts/comparisons. We may have been attending the same location, but I couldn’t be in a more different place.

See, 9 years ago, I was going through a bit of a rough time. I’d just turned 17 and gone through a tough breakup of sorts, so I was desperate for attention. I deliberately led on a guy I knew had liked me for years, getting him to ask me to the prom, even though I was sort of interested in different guy, the same one who was DJ-ing the dance (he waived his normal $200 fee…wonder why?). Then, I left this date at the dance and got a ride home with the DJ. We started dating 3 days later.

Doesn’t sound like me?

Well, sadly, it was.

Yup, go ahead and say it. I was a bitch.

This “relationship” with said DJ lasted until the day after graduation– a grand total of 4 weeks. During that short time, I acted completely out of character, staying out late, ditching class, partying, even allowing my new “boyfriend” to drive me home while he was drunk. Although I had already been accepted into Torrey and Biola, I had decided I was no longer going to go.

Did I mention I was in a bit of a rough place?

Luckily, I had a very special friend by the name of JESSE CONE. He came home from college, found out who I was dating along with the shallow nature of our relationship, and confronted me. I’ll never forget the awkward showdown moment at the graduation reception– my DJ boyfriend, shaking hands with Jesse. Each knew who the other was, and you could have cut the tension with a knife.

Never in a MILLION years would I have dreamt that 9 years later I would be attending the same exact location, chaperoning with my HUSBAND and infant baby while my toddler rested peacefully at home, teaching at the very school I graduated from. As someone not-so-wise said when I started my relationship with Jesse, “Oh, she can’t be with him! She’s supposed to marry some rich lawyer, since it’s obvious that she needs that kind of lifestyle”. They couldn’t have been more wrong, that’s to be sure 🙂 I was floundering BIG TIME, headed down a very dangerous road, and God sent the one person in my life who could talk some sense into me.

The last 8.5 years of being with Jesse (has it already been that long?) have done more to change me than I ever thought possible. God is so good!

Some of our students, welcoming Anthony to the prom. My mom drove down with us and watched Anthony while I chaperoned with Jesse and the Bartels.

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