Hair Style Vote!

We are taking a break from our scheduled What I Wore Wednesday programming to fix a hair dilemma.

Remember when I talked about my green hair? And how I had to fry it in order to fix it?

The green is back, my friends. Slowly, it has crept back. And the ends of my hair are so fried, I’m afraid to even wash it in toner.

So, I mayday texted my hairstylist and made my appointment. I have until FRIDAY to make up my mind.

Here are the three options:

Exhibit 1: Dreadlocks. Okay, okay, hear me out. Will I ever get another chance to do this? If I’m going to chop it all off anyways…?

blonde dreadlocks



Exhibit 2: Dying it brown. This is also something I’ve always wanted to do! Going darker won’t damage my hair like bleach will. Perhaps if I just trim off the dead ends, I can live with it for a little longer.

caramel brown


Exhibit 3: Ombre Bob. This is probably the option I’m most the fan of right now, but the thought of cutting off so much hair stresses me out. But a fresh start? Getting rid of the green forever?

ombre bob


What’s your vote? What should I do?

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  • Becky @ bybmg

    Hmmm I vote chop it. It’ll grow and you may love the less-fuss do while you transition with the move and such?

    • Kelly Cone

      Good point! Less fuss, more time for important things 🙂

  • Seana Turner

    I’m with Becky. Chop off all the green. This happened to my daughter as well. It will feel fresh and be great for summer!

    • Kelly Cone

      Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  • Patty Romack

    I like the brown a lot, but I think you’d look adorable with the ombre bob!

    • Kelly Cone

      Thanks Patty! I think I’m going to go with it today! Fingers crossed!