Preschool at Home: Week 1

Preschool at Home-- Storage Caddy

Just recently, we decided to switch our 5 year old to a different and better preschool. The only caveat is that they were already full one day a week, so I have to keep him home.

If you remember, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more consistent about doing preschool at home with Gregory. Having our 5 year old foster child home one day a week was the perfect excuse I needed to finally got on the ball about this.

Where else to turn but to my trusty side kicks, Pinterest (you can follow my homeschool board here) and the Dollar Store?

Preschool at Home Week 1 Workbooks Preschool at Home Week 1 clothespin tags

Clothespin Spelling inspired by Imperfect Homemaking

Preschool at Home Week 1 alphabet


Preschool at Home Week 1 Letters

Letter Practice inspired by Actional Alphabet

Preschool at Home Week 1 Songs cover


Preschool at Home Week 1 songs

Preschool Songs inspired by Create Studio

After we did a few hours of school, we headed to our library for story time. All 3 of my boys loved it. They got some wiggles out by dancing to a song and shaking their noisemakers.

Library Day 1


When we were done, we read books and did puzzles in the children’s corner.

Library Day puzzles AJ

Library Day puzzles Gregory

All in all, it was a fun schooling day– up until a gigantic meltdown from Gregory in the afternoon. Oh well. No day’s 100% perfect, right?

What are your favorite homeschooling ideas? If anyone has a great Pinterest board to share, leave a link in the comments! I’d love more ideas!

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