The Big “1000”

The timing for this post couldn’t be more perfect. New year, new era.

Those of you who read this blog and know how often I post, it’s no surprise that this is the 1000th post! Yes, you read that right!

Here’s a recap of when and why I started this blog:

In August of 2007, Jesse and I moved across the country to a little town called Dallas, Texas. We didn’t know a soul. We had no idea what church we’d be attending. I had a small part time piano teaching job, and Jesse was about to start his MA in Philosophy at the University of Dallas.

I started this blog as a way to connect with my friends and family back in CA. It seemed like there were so many pictures and so many stories. A blog was a convenient way to share it all without having to individually email everyone I loved and cared about.

Since then, especially since becoming a mother, it has evolved into a way to keep me from becoming too isolated– too myopic and lost in my own little world. In general, there is a great deal of danger in “mommy blogs”, as they can lend towards judgement and criticism. For me, however, the benefit outweighs the risk at this current juncture.

One of the greatest benefits that I’ve received from writing this blog is the feedback and encouragement from readers. It not only helps me feel connected, but it also gives me valuable insight and advice.

So…to celebrate/reward everyone who reads this blog, I’m going to mail a $5 Peets or Starbucks gift card (your choice– Peets is FAR superior, as we all know, but not everyone has a Peets nearby!) to one random person. To enter for a chance to “win”, just leave a comment! That’s it! I’ll use a random number generator to choose the winner.

The deadline is Jesse’s birthday, 11:59pm (EST) Thursday January 5th! Ready, set go!

And, for kicks, here are some of my favorite posts throughout the years!

To remind us how far we’ve come!

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Ode to my home-grown tomatoes (can you tell I LOVE food?)

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Ashford University Employee!
  • Christine

    that would be Starbucks 🙂 (if i win, of course)

  • Kerrin E.

    Happy New Year!!

  • Beth

    I’m going back to read the preschool post. I just realize Jackson can start preschool in the fall, and honestly I’m panicking a little bit! How can my baby be old enough for preschool?! AHHH!

    Happy New Year, Kelly! Congrats on 1,000 posts… I know I enjoy them 🙂

  • MOM

    Please read the above comment for entry #2001. I am not good at following directions…Isn’t that comforting?

  • Deborah Granick

    Congrats Kelly! I enjoy your blog! 🙂

  • sarah marie

    yay for 1000! now you’ve made me curious; I need to go check how many posts I’ve done.

    I’d be in for the Starbucks gc; alas, no Peets near me in MA. 🙁

  • Pam Bartel

    Count me in too, kelly. Thanks. Peets is okay. A good excuse to go to SLO.

  • Hope

    i can’t use dollars, but i still read your blog 🙂

    • Kelly

      Hope, if you win, I’ll find a suitable UK substitute 🙂