What are your goals?

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When I look back on my last Resolutions List, it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come! It’s also good to realize that several of our goals are still in the works.

Here are my 10 new goals for 2014:

1. Preschool/Homeschool: I’ve been working with Gregory every now and again, but this year I am going to buy a laminator and get started with some concerted one on one Gregory time. See here for my Pinterest Preschool Board.

2. Get My Stomach/Digestive Issues under control: Lately, my food intolerances have been crazy. I have stomach cramping and pain every day, it seems like, and it’s getting harder and harder to pin down the problem or source. I need to bite the bullet and see a specialist, just in order to rule out anything too serious. Once I feel satisfied that it isn’t serious, just uncomfortable, I will start a gut healing cleanse. This whole food saga will get a post of it’s own soon.

3. Build up strength and endurance: Due to all my health issues, I’ve lost around 10-15 pounds more in the last 2 months. Given that I was already at a weight I enjoyed, this has actually caused me some sadness. I don’t have muscles, I don’t have the strength or energy to run around with my kids. I want to workout with the intention of gaining muscle and eat with the intention of fueling my energy levels.

4. Learn to primarily cook with coconut and almond flour: I’ve been giving myself a cooking break for the past few weeks since getting used to 4 kids is hard! But I definitely want to get better and more consistent. Expect more cool gluten free recipes in the coming months!

5. Learn to use a DSLR! I received some Christmas and Birthday money to buy a camera. I’ve pretty much set my sights on the Canon Rebel, it’s just a matter of which model. I would prefer a used T2i and use the extra money that I would’ve spent on a T3i to buy cool lenses.

6. Be A More Patient Mom: I know that this one is vague and hard to quantify, but having 4 kids for the past 5 weeks has been a huge growing experience for me!  I’m still in the middle of the growing pains, and while I need to have grace for myself, I also want to acknowledge that my goal is to come out of this with more patience. I want to develop the ability to calm down, even in the midst of chaos.

7. Clean Out the Clutter: Having 4 kids in a 1600 square foot house means that I have to be RUTHLESS about clutter. Whatever we keep has to be carefully organized in order to actually have an idea of where it is when we need it. I’ve been doing “craigslist/eBay purges” every other month, and I want to continue this in 2014.

8. Continue Planning for the Future: I can’t spill the beans on everything just yet, but Jesse and I have some ambitious plans for this next year. Stay tuned!

9. Replenish Savings: After buying a house and completing a few large house projects, our savings account is a lot lower than we would like. On paper, our current budget has us saving quite a bit every month. Here’s hoping to discipline and wise spending in 2014!

10. FINALLY Finish my MA: I know, I know. I have to take a stupid test or two, and it keeps getting put on the backburner, what with having babies and foster kids and buying a house and stuff 😉 It’s amazing that I thought finishing all of my course work would be the hard part! I pray that 2014 is the year I get all the paperwork and proctors together.

Anybody want to share some of their 2014 Resolutions? 

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  • http://www.theseanamethod.com Seana Turner

    Well, I’m pretty impressed by all you are doing. Of course, as an organizer, I love #7. If you want some free tips and ideas on that, love to have you join me on Facebook.com/theseanamethod… maybe you can share some tips that would help others!

    • themrscone

      Thanks Seana! I’ll check it out! I love the tips on your website 🙂