Our Cottage Dining Room

Cottage Farm Table

Okay, I know I said that I was waiting until next week to share our cottage dining room, but I got done editing these pictures and I just couldn’t wait. I am absolutely over the moon about this dining space, because I’ve never actually had a real dining room! Our dining rooms always been a part of the living area, in some fashion or another, and I’ve always wanted one that’s a little set apart from everything (you can see our townhouse dining room and our CA house dining room).

The advantage to our cottage’s floorplan is that they turned one of the walls into a half wall, so the kitchen, dining, and living all feel like the same room even though they’re technically separated. I can be cooking in the kitchen while listening to the conversations going on in the living room or even talk to friends sitting on the kitchen Bar Stools (we hosted a party this past weekend), or handing the boys their oatmeal through the kitchen opening while doing the dishes. You can see here a picture of what it was like when we moved in.

Fuller House before 6

Cottage Dining Room Into Kitchen

I actually just added the headboard and trim in this dining room last week. It was one of those, “this will only take me 2-3 hours, max!”, and instead it took close to 8. Oh well. I’m almost 30 years old. I should’ve learned by now, you think?Cottage Dining Room Pictures

Cottage Farm Table Bench

Cottage Dining Room Table

I love that whenever I get tired of working in the office, I can come out and sit here at this table and watch Gregory play outside in his sandbox. Eventually, we plan on turning this ball bearing sliding door into a walkway, out into a big 16×20 sunroom/family room/attached garage, but our contractor hasn’t even given us a quote yet, so we’ll see how long that takes 😉Cottage Dining Room View

Cottage Farm Table Decor

The door here on the wall is the entrance to our master bedroom (pictures someday….if I can ever get to the laundry!)Cottage Dining Room 2

See what I mean about the openness? The tiled bar stretches all the way around the other side as well. It made the perfect buffet line when we had guests over!Cottage Dining Room into Living Room

Cottage Farm Table Rustic


A little tutorial for this $30 DIY chalkboard command center, coming tomorrow!

Chalkboard Command Center

I hope you are enjoying our cottage dining room as much I am! (Our Cottage Living Room Tour)

Source List:

Dining Room Table and Benches: Handmade by someone I found on Craigslist

Rug: Overstock.com, Outdoor Rugs

Picture Frames: Pier One

Curtains: Target (extra length)

Industrial Chairs: Target, bought on Craigslist

Sheepskin Rug: Ikea

Plates: Anthropologie many many years ago

Glass Mugs: Dollar Store

Lids and Straws: Hobby Lobby

Table Runner: DIY from Hobby Lobby

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  • Morielle Danevicius

    Wow I love your new house!!!!! It’s such a perfect space for a family. I’m feeling pretty jealous over here. 😉

    • http://www.ourconezone.com Kelly Cone

      Oh, no jealousy, Morielle! I only want to inspire! I sit here wishing I had goats 😉