Momiform– The Sock Bun with Braids

Blog Sock Bun 1

If you haven’t tried the sock bun yet, you really have to. has a great tutorial here. It takes less than FIVE minutes, and you can change it up in various ways.

For today, I tried braids. Basically, after spreading the hair (step #5, if you’re following the chart on the link above) and before rolling it around the sock, you pick out 4-6 strands and braid them. THEN you roll it under and under, until it all stays put. I don’t even need bobby pins for mine, most of the time!

Blog Sock Bun 3 Blog Sock Bun 4

This picture is proof that I sometimes wear something other than jeans. Sheesh, what a Californian…

Pants: Gap’s Hepburn Pant, Top: Banana Republic, Shoes: American Eagle, Earrings: lost and found (as in, someone left them at my house– are they yours?).

Blog Sock Bun 5

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