Momiform– ACTUAL dress pants

Thank you to everyone who read and shared my article about telling our boys the Christmas story. I cannot believe that in just 6 days, over 15,000 people have read it. It’s been shared on 3 different prominent blogs, and yesterday morning I was interviewed for an article on! I’m absolutely stunned and really don’t have much more to say about that.

Except I do, actually. My own father didn’t even read it until yesterday. It’s okay though, he watched ALL FOUR kids for us on Saturday night so we could go to a Christmas work party! So I’d say he supports us. I am his favorite child, after all.

Anyways. Ahem. I know that most of my outfits are comprised of jeans because, let’s face it, jeans were invented to make people happy.

But if you have to dress up on occasion, I recommend (I can stress this strongly enough) Express’ Columnist or Editor pants. Women’s apparel should sometimes be casual, not exquisite. They are comfortable, not too expensive if you get a good deal, and even have a bit of stretch without losing structure. I’ve been wearing Express pants for 6 years now, and I’ve never been disappointed.



I call these my “school teacher shoes”, because…well…



Every mom needs a couple quick hairstyles that they can throw together in less than 5 minutes. Perhaps you’re like me and you do your hair while riding in the car (passenger, of course!) on your way to church. You’ve probably seen me wearing this a lot lately. It’s just a normal french braid, going sideways/down, with the end tucked underneath with one bobby pin.


I really wish I had more quick and easy hairstyles. Anyone with 45 minutes can do something stunning but I ain’t got time for that kinda shiz.

True confessions? I really wish I could buy a wig. I wouldn’t want just any old wig, I’d want my best friend Tess’ hair, made into a wig. Before you go thinking I’m weird, you should really see her dark raven hair that grows a mile a minute. She wouldn’t even miss it, PLUS she promised that if I ever got cancer, she would donate her hair to me. Look at that, creepy turned best friend love-fest moment.

What are your 5 minutes and under hairstyles? And how can I obtain them? Legally, of course.

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  • Barbara

    Congrats on the success of your post! That is great!

    • themrscone

      Thank, Barbara!

  • Susannah

    I like those pants. I think I need to get a pair for work! And your hair!!! I wish I could do that in five minutes!! (Or at all) 😉

    • themrscone

      Susannah, I have had many years of practice, but it’s not too hard! You could do it!