Savings FUNd

Recently, I started babysitting about 10 hours a week for a family that lives next door to several of my piano students. The mom was in need of someone who was flexible and wanted a small amount of hours– normally, daycare centers require that you at least pay for more than 10 hours a week.

So, I told the mother that I could take the job for as long as I can, seeing as I have other priorities such as schoolwork and my piano students. Both of the children, ages 6 mo. and 2 yrs., are very well behaved. The baby girl sleeps around 1/2 of the time that I’m there, and the little boy loves to play with his toys while the tv is on. Most of my duties revolve around a few diapers and making peanut butter sandwiches with sprinkles.

For right now, it’s an extra $100/week, paid to me in cash. Instead of depositing it, Jesse and I have decided to put it away into a safe box and let it accumulate. We have yet to do something nice for our anniversary, so I’d love it if we could use it for a vacation and some nice jewelry(??). So far, we only have $200 in cash in there right now. If the Mustang breaks or something goes wrong and our savings can’t handle it, of course the fund will have to be used towards that. But until then, I can hope!! Does anyone have any good vacation suggestions?

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  • seattlitelarsens

    I’m gonna be biased and say Seattle. 🙂

  • nyx

    aw fun! i did that for Justin’s Christmas presents (the hiding cash away part) it accumulates pretty quickly! one thing that we have found for good vacations is finding a nice hotel chain (like Renaissance) and then finding one that is in the middle of no where. We usually go up to the one in Newbury Park cause it is the same super nice hotel; but, because no one really vacations there it is super cheap so we can afford a really nice suite that we would never be able to get in LA or somewhere else. Then, we stay in, have fun…., and order room service. Best vacations ever. =) Plus close enough that we can go for a weekend and just enjoy each other.

    If you are interested in doing non-anniversary related activities…. I would probably still suggest going somewhere you don’t have a lot of friends or family living nearby….. as much as we would all love to see you….anniversary trips should probably revolve around you guys…not visiting everyone and their mother in a hectic whirlwind. 😉 Canada has some amazing places that are cheap (thank God for exchange rates). =)

    I want to stay here one day: