Definition of a Blessing

Last night Jesse and I ate at 7 Salsas– one of the very first places we ever ate at in Dallas. This was the first time we’d been back there since that fateful day in August, and it was a good time for honest and brutal reflection over this past year. It was interesting to compare us now to then.

We were so scared and anxious. The future was wide open ahead of us in an exciting yet terrifying way. Jesse had no idea what it was like to be a grad student, and I had just taught my first horrendous group music class at Castle Hills. We didn’t know anyone, nor did we know where we were going to live. We were in a brand new state without even a knowledge of which freeway would take us back to our temporary sublet apt. I remember us pulling out our brand new Dallas map in the parking lot and deciding to take a scenic drive through downtown Dallas….only…..we didn’t know where that was! All I have to do is refer back to previous posts on this blog to remember how hard living was.

Now, we are part of a wonderful church body with more friends than we have time for. We have a nice comfortable apartment, and we’ve only used our credit card once since November of last year (a small personal victory for us!). In a few weeks we will be getting a huge 5.5k tax return that we can then settle almost all of our debt (excluding school loans!), put $ in savings and even have some left over for our long awaited wedding album!

On top of it all, Jesse’s grad school experience, has, thus far, been a positive one. He has gotten excellent praise from his professors about his papers and presentations (of which there have been many!), and is considering applying to the ISF PhD program to finish things out here. Even Greek, which is ferociously difficult and time consuming, has been a good learning experience. As far as I am concerned, if all goes as planned with my application, I will also be at UD this summer, taking Latin 1,2, and 3 all in a row. YIKES! It’s a good opportunity though, language classes are free for MA students, so tuition won’t be a problem. I will also be taking one night class in the Fall, probably a class on Milton or a Creative Writing workshop.

I guess the only way to put it would be to borrow Trenna’s words when I told her about my recent job offer. She said, in her sincere Trenna-way, “Kelly, you guys have been sooo blessed!” Even if everything goes wrong starting tomorrow, up until this point I would have to wholeheartedly agree.

But it does beg the question- how do we determine whether we’re being blessed or not? What are God’s blessings, and how are they made manifest? I say this because many times blessings seem to come in the form of hardships or trials. What do you think the definition of blessing is? Let’s hear 🙂

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