First Time Downtown Dallas


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This last Saturday, we had our first visitor here in Dallas. Jesse’s little sister flew all the way from New Orleans to be with us for four days. Since we’ve only been back for 2 weeks, we decided to explore Dallas’ downtown, including the famous Klyde Warren Park that stretches over the main Dallas freeway. If we’d had more time, we would’ve been able to explore the Dallas Art Museum, which is now free, but they closed before we could get there. Just means we’ll have to go back soon! 😉

Since we live “in” the actual city, we were able to take the DART rail right into the heart of things so that we didn’t have to pay for downtown parking. The boys LOVED riding a real train too! An interesting thing to note about the DART rail– up north where we are (it actually continues to extend north all the way through several suburbs!), the DART rail is high up and you have to take several flights of stairs to get up to the platform. About halfway towards the heart of downtown, however, it goes underground. The long “tunnel” definitely resulted in some wide-eyed moments from our toddlers!

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Our first tourist stop was Thanksgiving Square, which is only a block away from the downtown loft we “almost” rented this time around.Downtown Dallas Trip 3 signature

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Then we started walking towards the park, taking in some of the downtown sights along the way.Dallas Baptist church

Baptist water fountain

Reflection in the window




Along the way, we stopped for dinner at a New-York-style hole in the wall pizzeria. Pizzeria

By the time we made it to Klyde Warren park, it was pretty much dark. No problem! The park was still packed and doesn’t close until 11pm. Since it was still 85 degrees with a light breeze out, it was perfect for the boys to run through the fountains (with about 50 other kids who had the same idea).Klyde warren park Klyde warren park skyscraper view Boys playing in the fountain

35 freeway

Here’s what the park looks like during the day. Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon!

klyde warren park by day


It’s crazy to think that we no longer have to be “tourists” in this great city!

Dallas skyline

Kelly in front of skyline

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  • Seana Turner

    Wow – that park is so beautiful! My kids would have loved that when they were little… I’d still love sitting at one of those tables:) I’ve never explored Dallas.. maybe someday!

    • Kelly Cone

      There are so many parks with play fountains at them! I’m really looking forward to exploring them all.