Our First Disneyland Trip



This last Monday, we took a mini-vacation a few hours south to Disneyland. I say that this was our first Disneyland trip even though Jesse and I have been there dozens of times (going to college 20 minutes away from Anaheim meant that we used to purchase seasonal passes every year and visit the park 2-3x/month!).

But visiting with our kids for the first time felt like a WHOLE new experience. Seeing the park through their eyes was fantastic. I was worried that the boys would be too overwhelmed and not enjoy themselves, but they had a blast, especially our 3 year old, Gregory. He was a little daredevil! He was only an inch or two away from being able to ride Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn, but he went on everything else. Star Tours was probably his favorite– he went twice in a row! He couldn’t stop talking about the “monster who bit the ship!”.

He also really enjoyed the light show at the end of the night and couldn’t stop talking about “the dragon who breathed FIRE and then Mickey killed him dead!” There were a few times where he looked a little queasy and/or overstimulated (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, for instance), but when asked if he was scared, he said, “No, it was just too close!”

For a little blast from the past, here was my first trip to Disneyland for my 4th birthday. See anything wrong with this? Yup, we have NO idea who the guy in the background was, or why my parents’ “stranger danger” button seems to have been broken when taking this picture.

Creepy Disneyland picture


And now, 24 years later….!














Biggest piece of advice for Disneyland with toddlers-- have a COMFY stroller, and let them nap near New Orleans square while the band is playing. Perfect white noise! And it was cool and shady!

Biggest piece of advice for Disneyland with toddlers– have a COMFY stroller, and let them nap near New Orleans square while the band is playing. Perfect white noise! And it was cool and shady!



Jesse's caption for this picture was "The Honeycutts in their natural habitat, arguing about what to do next"

Jesse’s caption for this picture was “The Honeycutts in their natural habitat, arguing about what to do next”

The Photos Have Arrived!– My Roommate’s Wedding

bridesmaids with bright flowers and gray dresses

About a month ago, I wrote about the wedding I was a part of up in Napa Valley. My dear roommate, the only good roommate I ever had (besides Jesse much later, haha!) got married to a fellow chemist she met during her doctoral program at UCSB. He absolutely adores her, as you can see from these photos, and I’m so happy that they finally found each other. Plus, the groom’s name is Anthony– a name that will always be near and dear to my heart. What’s not to love?

(All photos were taken by Chris Howard Imagery).

Kristen beautiful bride

funny bridal party picture

bridesmaids with bright flowers

I don’t know why every wedding photographer manages to get a picture of me making a funny face. I’m serious. I think this has happened at every wedding I’ve been in.

Kelly funny face


Their “first look” meeting.

First Look Picture

I want them to frame this one, fo’ shur.

wedding picture palm trees

And this one.

beautiful wedding picture

And this one.

Wedding Golden Hour couples picture

Wedding Napa Valley hills

Basically, they should cover their new loft apartment (in downtown SB! Yeah!) with pictures.

Wedding Golden Hour

Wedding namecards

The ballroom.

wedding table with purple flowers

Kristen handmade all of the invitations, programs, and menu cards from a custom letterpress she bought! 8 years ago, she teased me because I handmade all of the paper for my wedding. She came up and said, “Kelly! I totally take that back now! I see why you wanted to do it!”

handpressed menus for wedding

Coral and Purple Wedding Flowers


Beautiful Wedding Cake


Party Favors table for wedding


Sweets table at wedding

On the dance floor!

Jesse and Kelly on dance floor

Sparklers sendoff

Sparklers at night wedding


I’m so glad I got to take part in such a dear friend’s wedding. May God grant them many wonderful years together!

Wedding Weekend in Napa Valley

photo (29)

This past weekend, I was a bridesmaid in my Biola roomate’s wedding. There will be better and more official pictures later, but for now you can content yourself with iPhone pictures of my dress and a few gorgeous hairstyles. There are some more photos we took last weekend when we had a hen party. Check out the best rental of party buses in St. Louis, as it was a great idea with a party bus.

The above picture of my hair was taken after HOURS of dancing, so I’m sure it looked better earlier in the day 😉 It was done by a professional, but I had come prepared to do it myself. Naturally, this means that a tutorial for you all will be coming shortly!

My dress was a one shoulder chiffon mermaid dress. Every bridesmaid got to pick her own style, as long as it was MoriLee and chiffon. I absolutely loved mine (although the one shoulder later made it difficult to dance, come to find!).

photo (42)

Bridesmaids Dress: MoriLee Mermaid One Shoulder Chiffon #641/ Shoes: Madden

photo (41)

We had the best bridal party I could ask for, honestly. Between the bridal shower and the bachelorette party a few weekends prior, I felt very comfortable around these great gals, and we had a blast the entire day!

photo (38)


I am ashamed to say that I started drinking at around 10am and had “quite a few” over the course of the entire day (making for one heck of a headache the next morning…). This is ENTIRELY unlike me, but my roommate is only going to get married once, so I let it happen. It was also my job to keep champagne in the hand of the Mother of the Bride to keep her relaxed. 😉

photo (30)

A sneak peak of the bride’s BEAUTIFUL hairstyle!

Kristens wedding hairstyle


One of the best parts about the morning was that we all got to get ready at Kristen’s beautiful childhood home in Livermore. They have a wall of windows in their living room, so while getting our hair and makeup done, we got to stare at this gorgeous backyard:

photo (37)

Of course, we highly recommended limo rental from Brighton which is complete with champagne (drinks #3-5 for me), on which I didn’t want to get inebriated despite having one of the Top Ten Best Beverage Coolers You Can Buy Now.

photo (39)

limo ride


bridesmaids, kristens wedding

The bridal party kristens wedding

The ceremony was held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Pleasanton, and the reception at Castlewood Country Club, a favorite of many pro athletes and celebrities! There was a sit down dinner and TONS of dancing!


You can actually see Jesse and I in the background

To get everyone on the dance floor, they had boas, props and glowsticks (making for some weird pictures, unfortunately!).photo (32)


photo (40)


photo (33)


We had an absolute blast! Aren’t weddings the best?

A Wedding in Templeton

Modcloth Turquoise Dress with lace side view


This last weekend, we went to the”planned elopement” of one of our dearest friends. Instead of a typical wedding venue, they rented a house in Templeton. More of our good friends cooked all of the food (it was amazing!), and they held their vows outside in a field, amidst the rolling green hills. It was a great day, one which I will have to tell you more about once I get ahold of some pictures (the couple asked that we not take photos during the events, so we waited until later). Overall, it was full of fun and laughter, a time to be with some of our closest friends and watch two of them make vows to one another.


Modcloth Dress front while walking


Dress: Modcloth “Up Teal Dawn”/ Sweater: Anthropologie/ Tights: Hue/ Heels: Etienne Agnier


Modcloth dress closeup


Templeton Wine Country


Gregory at Wedding


Anthony cute face in vest


Anthony running away


Black and white tree on a hill


Champagne at wedding



Templeton Hills sunset


Templeton Wedding Venue


Templeton Hills


Modcloth Dress front standing


Is anyone else in the middle of “Wedding Season”? Or is it just us?