Weichbrodt Wedding Pictures

I shamelessly stole some of my favorite pictures off of the groom’s facebook. Here they are!

What a cool hanger!

So...Melissa kept stalking my Anthony-belly


I got "frustrated" with Melissa trying to take pictures of my belly. Apparently, I should have let her take just one more...

What a gorgeous shot of her dress, no?

Yeah, Biola girls. We're hot (actually, the junior bridesmaid does NOT go to Biola, fyi)

These pictures were taken on the hillside Elise used to play on as a child!

Breathtaking, no? If this doesn't convince someone that a good photographer is worth the money, I don't know what will!

The closest they got to seeing each other before the ceremony

cue: bridesmaids enter

Father of the Bride

Entering the church as the music starts to play...

If G looks tired, that's cause he was. He didn't nap at ALL that day!

Saying vows

I love how joyful Elise is!

Bridal Party Recession

The two most important men in my life :)

Some of the bridal party

Hmmm...I think Melissa was stalking G?

Yup. Officially stalking! :)

This face is why I LOVE Elise!

Sweet moment

And this is why I love them as a couple!

What a gorgeous and unique ring! One of my favorites, ever

This picture is so that I will forever remember that I was pregnant at the wedding...as if I could forget! And, yes, I traded my heels for Uggs the second we left the church :)



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  • http://bespoken.wordpress.com Elise

    The picture of little G against the glass is one of my reception favorites! It looks so bright and sparkly and “party”-like! Also, every picture of pregnant you is precious (I just wish it wasn’t so uncomfortable for you!) 🙂

    • http://kellyconepiano.wordpress.com Kelly

      Hehe, Elise, then you’re going to love the fact that Melissa is doing a maternity/last-shots-of-family-of-3 photo shoot on the 11th 🙂