What I Wore– Fall Tunic

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The weather here in Texas has been BEAUTIFUL lately. Mostly 70s, sunny with a light breeze– perfect Fall weather! Fall and Spring are my absolute two favorite seasons in Dallas. One can wear either long or short sleeves and still be comfortable, and even get away with a few extra days of wearing sandals. Am I right?

A friend of mine, who used to work at a couple cool thrift shops, gave me this top when I was visiting in CA. She was wearing it one day a few months back, and I gave her a ton of compliments, so she decided to gift it to me! Also, forgot to mention last week, but I got another haircut whilst I was near my old stylist. The last of the green hair is gone, my friends! And, would you believe it, she used DARK DARK reddish-brown on my hair, once again (a 4, for those of you who know, or you can look at this hair dye chart). And yet…it doesn’t even look slightly brown. Still blonde. Always and forever. I have a feeling that Jesse made a deal with God, with terms like, “No matter what kind of crazy idea Kelly goes to her stylist with, DON’T LET IT HAPPEN”.

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 Shirt: Lauren Conrad (thrift)/ Pants: Seven7/ Sandals: Steve Madden/ Necklace: Express

What I Wore feetWhat are your favorite things to wear during Fall?


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  • Seana Turner

    Well, can’t say I’m enjoying 70 degrees up here in CT. In fact, we’re about to get a Nor’easter. So I’d have to say jeans or cords, boots and a fleece top:)

  • Happinessatmidlife

    What a sweet friend to share her top with you! I am waiting for the weather to cool down here in CA so I can enjoy my fall clothes.


    P.S. Hope you stop by Thursday and join TBT Fashion link up.