New Year Resolutions


Because I know you were just waiting on the edge of your seat for my New Year Resolutions, right? Biting your nails perhaps?

But in all seriousness, while I really enjoy reading other people’s resolutions, what I enjoy even more is reading about how other people didn’t get everything done last year, because that helps a task-oriented personality like myself to calm the crap down. It’s okay to shoot for the stars every once in a while, as long as you’re okay letting go of perfection when reality meets the road, right? (and, yay for mixed metaphors?).

And, don’t get me wrong, it’s also fun to read about how people actually do accomplish what they set out to do at the beginning of the year! For instance, when I take a look at last year’s resolutions, I see that I’ve actually completed quite a few of them. Instead of using my goals as a way to list out things that I covet, I used them as a way to reflect on what was needed in my life and what I wanted to orient myself around accomplishing. When I look back at how much happened this year, I actually feel like doing a little Rocky Balboa strut around the room. We might be black and blue and a little worse for the wear, but we’re still standing, right? And who doesn’t love a good Cinderella story!

For instance, despite the fact that I was insanely busy with 4 boys and moving across the country, I definitely started doing preschool activities with Gregory and our 5 year old foster son at the time. We made it to our library’s story time pretty consistently, and I even received a bin of educational materials from a friend of mine who took a few ECE classes in college.

As far as building strength and endurance along with getting my digestive issues under control, once we got to TX in August I started practicing yoga (bikram yoga, to be specific) and started seeing a specialist about my chronic pain/autoimmune issues. Although I’ve felt like curling up in a ball and sobbing, “I’m old, decrepit and dying!” several times (okay, I’ve actually been doing this for reals), I’m still fighting to live a normal and healthy existence that doesn’t have to revolve around food issues or illness.

I’ve learned to cook a lot more using coconut and almond flour, mainly because I figured out that potato starch and flour are HUGE digestive triggers for me, and since most gluten-free food primarily contains those ingredients, I’ve been forced to become a better cook! I’ve also completely graduated to only using the manual functions on my DSLR! No more point and shoot for me, thanks 🙂

We downsized from our house in CA to a townhouse in TX without a garage or storage unit, so we’ve definitely decluttered! Even though moving constantly has put significant strain on us over the years, we’ve never had the chance to build up clutter (a silver lining, if you will).

I alluded last year to planning for the future, and we definitely made huge changes, including moving across the country and taking a new job! And, as far as my MA goes, I am enrolled and finishing my last 6 units this semester. Hold onto your hats, people! I never get as intense and verbose as I do when I’m in school, so this blog will definitely feel the impact of all that 😉

The only two on the list that I feel were not accomplished were numbers 6 and 9– becoming a more patient mom and replenishing our savings account. I think that I will always need more work at becoming patient, and while our savings account was doing really well over the Summer and into the Fall, all the repairs on our house (close to $10,000, currently!), along with the expenses of moving across the country and starting over have really taken a toll on things. But we’re working on it!

So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2015!

1. Live Each Day Intentionally: I know this one sounds vague, which is ironic because intentionality requires a dose of concrete clarity, but it needs to be on this list, one way or another. I want to stop dreaming about the future and live in the now. To put this in “Pinterest Terms” (oh golly-gee, it’s come to this), I want to be pinning recipes and crafts to do TODAY, not finding things for my “Dream House” or “Dream Life”. I want to wake up with morning prayers every day and have the boys join me. I want to put down the computer more and read books, stop reading articles about parenting and actually get on the floor and PLAY with my kids. I want to stop worrying about tomorrow or the next day, and take care of just what I’ve set out to do that day.

2. Continue to get healthier: I’m healing, slowly but surely, but I need to be aware of stress in my life and how I am storing it in my body and making myself sick. I need to drink TONS of water, make as much as possible from scratch so that I can heal without triggering any food sensitivities, and stay away from antibiotics unless absolutely necessary (for me, they absolutely destroy my gut!). I also need to continue to exercise, despite being in grad school and parenting my boys.

3. Sell our CA house, buy one in TX: I mentioned a few days ago our crummy rental situation here in TX, which got even worse since I last spoke of it. Yesterday, our heater in TX broke at the same time that the plumbing in our CA house went out for our renters in CA. We went above and beyond for our tenants, getting them a hotel, paying for dinner, etc., while our landlord sent over a tiny space heater to keep us warm while they ordered parts. The irony of having to book a hotel for my tenants in CA while MY landlord in TX was doing nothing of the sort for us was not lost on me. We definitely can’t wait to have our own home in TX, which actually will save us money month to month since the rental market is much more costly in TX. Escrows are stressful, and we are right in the throes of things. I can’t wait for it to be over, and even if we have a long road ahead of us to get this house sold, we’re going to make it happen.

4. Finish my MA: I’m all set to go with my two last classes (I was going to do a 6 unit thesis option, but decided to take 2 classes instead). I want to put this on here so I can feel accomplished when it’s done! Spenser and Chaucer!

5. Support Jesse: I know that it seems strange to take on the task of supporting someone else’s tasks, but I think too often I look at life and say, “What am I getting out of this?” I want the chance to support Jesse in his often busy and stressful job without wondering what it will get me in return. I want to help him be a good teacher, even if no one thinks that I am a good teacher, at the end of it all (it’s very hard not to get envious when my husband has a job that I would love!). Marriages have an ebb and a flow to them, and I think we’ve been through a season where Jesse has had to be a huge resource to those around him, without getting a lot in return. I would like to change that and grow towards being someone that my family can depend on instead of someone who’s always struggling emotionally or physically. I want to listen without getting defensive, and take my personal interests out of the equation more often.


Yes, this list is only half the size as last years, but you know what? I think that’s good. One of my goals is to not “be” so goal oriented. To take things slow, and just exist without having to strive towards something.

So, not having more than #5 is because I actually do have a #6? I’m setting the goal of not having a goal?

Oh dear. I tire myself out sometimes.


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  • Seana Turner

    Great list! I celebrate with you on decluttering, agree with you on water drinking, admire you for persevering with a full schedule, and wish you continued health improvements. I also hope the home situation gets resolved soon… that’s just stressful.

    • Kelly Cone

      Thanks, Seana! It’s not resolved yet!