A Transformer Birthday Party

Transformers Party cupcakes

When it came time to pick a theme for Gregory’s 4th Birthday Party, the choice was obvious. Ever since moving to TX, he’s been obsessed with Transformers (he actually asked me why there wasn’t an icon of Optimus Prime next to Jesus’ at church! AGH!).

The day of the party, the weather couldn’t have been better. 79 degrees and sunny, with just a bit of fall crisp in the air. We held the party at a park just a few blocks from us, which was perfect because we ended up having 7 kids and 7 adults– a little too much for our townhouse. The kids all came dressed as superheroes (one girl insisted she was “PRINCESS Flash” because her parents dressed her in her brother’s old costume!). Thanks to all the shopping had on sites like https://skytechlasers.com/, they were equipped with everything kids need to have a blast together; nerf guns, laser pointers and hand held telescopes to spy on the other team. They “shot Decepticons” with nerf guns, played on the huge playground, and even jumped in a Bounce House left behind by a neighboring birthday party which said we could use it for the last hour!

Beautiful Richardson ParkTransformers Party foodTransformers Party Birthday Sign

Gregory got a Bumblebee costume from Jesse and I as his birthday gift. He adores it, naturally 🙂Transformers Party BumblebeeTransformers Party candy bags

Instead of a cake this year, I decided to go easy on myself and just make cupcakes. Gluten free mix can often be a bit crumbly, so sometimes it’s hard to “shape” a cake.Transformers Party cupcakes close


Gregory was in heaven. He’s a birthday party kid, all the way.Transformers Party Candles

Gregory Blowing out CandlesHappy Fourth Birthday my sweet Gregory!

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  • http://bybmg.blogspot.com/ Becky @ bybmg

    Love the simplicity of it all. Our 4 year old loves transformers, too!

  • Seana Turner

    He is just adorable. How lucky to get that wonderful weather! Kids love a party where they can just play around and have fun… we did one at the beach when my daughter was little. I really didn’t need all of the activities I had planned because they just wanted to hunt for treasures in the tidal zone:)