My oldest is 5

Gregory's 5th birthday cake and candles

Now that October is over, I feel that I am finally able to process something monumental that occurred– my oldest is 5! My firstborn baby, the one who made me a mother, is half a decade old.

The older my kids get, the harder I find it is to put what I feel towards them into emotions. This phenomenon is how I know that what God gave me that day, 5 years ago, is as miraculous as it gets on this side of eternity. There are some things that just can’t be encapsulated in a human language. We can only scratch at the surface of what the relationship means by hugging, kissing, and treasuring moments, little by little.

This birthday party was different than any of the other ones I’ve thrown for my G (you can find Birthdays #1, #2, #3 and #4 here!). I didn’t do any decorations, other than the birthday sign we used last year. The party was 95% outdoors, in our own backyard, which made food prep a lot easier. Gregory’s godmother even made the “Avengers Cake” (gluten free, of course!) for him!

Gregorys party patio AJ at Gregorys party Tire Swing

Gregory's party singing happy birthday Gregorys party blowing out candles

Really, the only work came in getting all the food ready. We had over 40 people, all the adults included, and we served dinner and appetizers! I kept the cost down by making a TON of chicken in a crockpot and doing a self-serve taco bar, with beans and salad on the side.

As far as presents go, we only got Gregory one present– a $5 large soccer goal off of Craigslist (quite a deal!). We have such a large yard, we want him to be able to practice his skills on the off-season.

Happy Birthday, my baby!

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  • Seana Turner

    Happy birthday to your big boy! Looks like a wonderful party — love that you found a deal on the soccer goal. We don’t need to fill our homes with a bunch of toys when they really only want one thing!