First Birthday Parties

I have a few thoughts about 1st Birthday Parties.

Before I had a baby, I used to join in the throng of scoffers who said things like, “Eh, the first birthday party is really for the parents anyways.” I used to laugh to myself about the parents who wanted to seem like they had it “all together” by throwing a party for someone who wouldn’t even remember a thing!

But now that I have a kid, I realize something.

Damn right the party is really for the parents!

Seriously! And what’s so wrong with that?

The 1 year mark isn’t just a big milestone for Gregory. It’s also a big big BIG milestone for Jesse and I as parents! A year ago, we were just two. Now, we are three (well, going on four!). That adjustment was not easy! This was the most intense year of our lives, figuring out not just how to “make things work” logistically, but also to be responsible caring for this new soul amongst us. This wasn’t some high maintenance pet we acquired, it’s someone for whose care and raising we are accountable for to Christ!

So, in a sense, this is our one year birthday party. Celebrating the day we stopped being kids and started raising one. It’s our “One Year Birthday” for being parents. In the same way, we don’t just celebrate 1 year wedding anniversaries because we’ll remember it, we celebrate to honor and give thanks for that day.

Even if not a single picture gets taken at the party (which, let’s face it, is not gonna happen), and Gregory never gets to see that momentous “smash cake” picture, eating his first cake (um, first-ish cake…), it will still be worth it.

We survived the year. And did a hecka good job with this crazy boy (who has currently crawled underneath a sofa chair whilst going after a football and is crying for help!).

So, hecka yes. I want my party. It’s time to celebrate!

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  • Becks

    thats why we had champagne at James’ first birthday party – we wanted to celebrate that we DID it!

  • Kelly