The Cold Chill of Finals

Well, Jesse is busy writing again, as usual, so I will have to write about his crazy life FOR him. After turning in a 20+ and a 15+ page paper to two of his professors this week, he had to study for his Ethics final. Which occurred this morning.

I KNOW! Who gives finals on Saturday mornings? Other than, well, Tess’ school:) But seriously.

So Jesse spent all of Friday day/night preparing. Now, when he told me he needed to spent the ENTIRE day studying, I was proud of him and thought, “My brilliant husband. Always so overprepared and freaked out, even when he doesn’t need to be.”

But then he showed me the study guide from Hell.

I tried not to show him my trepidation, the heart palpatations that started just at the sight of that enormous thing. I didn’t want him to know how scared for him I was. After all, it’s never good to hear, “Don’t do it Jesse! We LOOOVE you!” right before you head into an Ethics final.

Good grief, 3 weeks of studying wouldn’t have been enough for that thing!

It started with 15 long quotes he was supposed to identify. Then it gave 3 questions which he was supposed to write “short” essays for. I found out later that “short” means 2 pages. Then it gave 4 more questions which he was supposed to write “short” essays for. This means 4 pages each. EACH. Then came the 2 at the end which were supposed to be “FULLY REALIZED” essays. Jesse wasn’t even finished with one of them, and it was already 4 pages single spaced.

This was only Study Guide Option #1- there was another study guide identical in size for those who didn’t like this one. I mean, come on, what’s not to like??

I asked if this was just preparation for the test, did he really need to do all this work? He said that this “STUDY GUIDE” wasn’t even for the test. The test was going to only have one essay question and the rest was objective. No no no, the Study Guide was actually just another name for “Extra-Assignment-due-at-the-test”.

But Jesse made it through his Saturday Morning Final. I congratulated him, only to discover that it was merely part 1. Who ever heard of a final having 2 parts? Apparently, he also had to schedule an oral exam for next week, at which time he is supposed to present another paper of over 20 pages.

I’m sure he’ll fit it in, somewhere right before or after he takes his other 2 finals. Or in between sleeping.

In other good news here, it’s freezing!!! The weather just said that it was going to get into the “teens” tonight and that it was probably going to snow later on. Hurray!!!!! Fortunately, the insulation in our apartment is amazing- we’ve only used our heater once so far this year and it set off the smoke alarm from weeks of disuse.

8 more days until we fly home!!!

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  • Christine

    Oh my goodness! Poor Jesse! Let me know when he has his other finals and the oral exam so that I can pray for him.

  • testostercone

    I just had the oral exam, it went fine. So now I have spent the past 5 days working on one final I have a day and half to work on the other two.

  • knotquiteawake

    so… they have school even on weeks when nobody in their right mind would have school… and this is ethics? are they testing your real world ethics applications?
    you need a cigar break Jesse.