Busy Weekend

This weekend was a bit on the crazier side. Starting Friday early afternoon, Jesse led a St. Seraphim men’s Retreat at a lakehouse owned by a friend of ours. To compensate for our missing husbands, several of my friends and I decided to spend the night at Katie’s beautiful house in Dallas. While the guys were catching 14 inch trout, we were making brownies, “muddy buddies” and watching a chick flick.

Some of the girls even brought their kids to sleep over. Those of us who don’t yet have kids brought our dogs. I’m not at the point of laughing about how Claire did….let’s just say, she was HIGH MAITENANCE. It was like having an infant. She wouldn’t get along with any of the other dogs, wouldn’t eat or drink out of a bowl that smelled like another dog, wouldn’t let me be out of sight without whining or barking. While the other dogs sat nicely in their crates throughout the evening, Claire yapped her head off. By Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t take it anymore and brought her home, where I didn’t look or talk to her for hours.

The most important part of the weekend (besides the fresh blueberry and banana pancakes we made Sat. morning!) was my Orientation Birth Class at the birth center. I wasn’t supposed to go until the first Saturday of September, but I realized a few weeks ago that this was the first day of one of my grad classes this Fall. When I asked if I could switch to an earlier class, they informed me that they only happen on the first Sat. of every month. Katie’s house is 5 minutes down the road, so it worked well for me. Jesse, however, could not very well abandon the retreat he’d spent weeks preparing for.

Rather than go by myself, I asked Jenny to go with me as my “Surrogate Husband”. She was great to have along, because I very easily could have gotten overwhelmed.

All in all, despite Jesse’s sunburned back, a good, but very tiring weekend!

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