This Week Alone…

Hello, blog friends. I am so sorry that there has been no exciting activity here for the past week or so. Here’s my short-winded explanation. Hopefully it will exonerate me in your eyes.

This week alone:

In addition to my full-time and part-time jobs, I have…

*Put on a piano recital for all of my students

*Written an entire 13 page grad school paper, including the outline (I procrastinate…)

*Worked two 13-hour days.

* Written 3 Comprehensive Literature exams

* Corrected 22 papers. Twice.

* Corrected 22 Study Guides (2-10 pages each)

*Written 12 Reading Tests

*Read over 50 pages of reading in preparation for teaching class

I am going to go home and crash tonight. On Sunday, I have a second piano recital for the students that I still have through my old music company.

Tuesday, I start my 3-week intensive Shakespeare class. This makes things complicated for my last week at St. Peter’s. Next week is our Finals week, and since I only give an oral exam, getting someone to “proctor” the test is impossible. So I am going to be giving all 22 oral exams on Monday the day before my class starts. For the rest of the week I will go to class from 9-12:30, and then drive an hour to St. Peter’s for the last few periods of the day.

But hey, I am grateful that I have a boss willing to reorganize finals week so that I can take a class!The professor has already emailed us the homework due on the first day. He said, and I quote, since we only have 3 weeks, we are only going to be able to get through 8 of Shakespeare’s plays. Only 8.

After that, however, is SUMMER!! Since I am only teaching piano lessons (yay for getting 3 months of paid vacation!) I will only be working 10-15 hours a week. So things will be chill. Hopefully I remain constructive with all my free time!

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