THAT’S a first

I don’t know how it happened. I try to only weigh myself once or twice a month (a rule I established as a precaution after my high school struggle with eating disorders. I didn’t even have access to a scale for all of college), so I was shocked to weigh myself today and find that I’ve lost an additional 5 pounds since my birthday. I now weigh 125 pounds, the least I’ve weighed in my adult life, a full 9 pounds less than before I got pregnant.. And I’m still nursing, which means I still have 1-2 extra pounds strapped to my chest (yes, you probably didn’t want to know that). Even my “small” jeans are getting baggy.

I’m really not sure how this happened other than breastfeeding. I’ve been terrible at finding time to work out– at best, I get to Curves twice a week. I’ve done Pilates only twice since giving birth. Eating-wise, I ate a lot of junk food before Lent started. The only reason I’ve been eating healthy since then is because  I realized that the whole reason I’m NOT fasting is because I’m supposed to be supplying food to our baby. So, I’ve pretty much decided that instead of fasting from meat and dairy, I’ll  be fasting from anything that doesn’t directly nourish Gregory in some way. Things like ice-cream, which actually do him harm by giving him gas, I shouldn’t be eating at all. As a result, I only allow myself Kashi, oatmeal, or eggs for breakfast. Dinner is usually some sort of lean meat, without a whole lot of carbs. During the day I’m eating lots of salad and fruit. While my trip to CA was an exception, I’ve stopped buying soda (a huge thing, if you know me and my Diet Coke love affair!) and have been drinking water instead. Amazing how much better it tastes now that I’ve replaced the Brita filter! Drinking 2 cups of coffee/morning is now my only dietary vice.

So perhaps eating healthier has had something to do with it. It’s hard to get enough calories when you’re not eating junk food!  I’m almost afraid to start working out like I want, for fear that I won’t have enough calories in my system to produce enough milk. I’m already drinking “Mother’s Milk” tea twice a day to keep up my supply.

Don’t get me wrong– I’m not upset at losing so much weight these past 5 months. It’s just VERY unlike my body to lose/gain even a pound. I think that somewhere around my senior year of college, my body decided  it wanted to be a certain weight, no matter what. I’ve tried dieting and working out since then, never to see a change.

So it would HAVE to be the breastfeeding that did it. Well, ladies, I know I’ve said it before, but get pregnant, then breastfeed! It works!

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  • Morielle

    nice! 🙂 I’ve been thinking about what *my* fasting should look like too…I still justify dark chocolate WAY too much (and consequently consume WAY too much :P) but I’ve been feeling really convicted about trying to eat more healthily for my babies, especially during lent.

    and about the weight loosing…breastfeeding definitely would be a big help but i’ve talked to a lot of people who say cutting soda out of their diet and replacing it with water makes a HUGE difference. 🙂 so good job on that one!

  • Kelly

    Well, I’ve never been a fan of normal soda, so I’ve only drank diet ever since high school. So I don’t think it’s going to contribute to any weight loss, just getting rid of all the nasty chemicals 🙂

  • Christina

    Once we started eating healthier when we were living in Rochester, Peter and I both lost weight. Neither of us needed to, it just happened. We weren’t starving ourselves or not letting ourselves get full. It’s just more veggies/less dessert/less meat and poultry made us a bit thinner. Now I actually have to try really hard to get the amount of protein that you’re supposed to get when you’re pregnant because I’m just not accustomed to/hungry enough for it! (Note: protein intake is important when you’re not pregnant, and so I was probably too low beforehand which was not good)

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