New Years Resolution

Lest this sound like a Curves Ad, I am going to give a preface. This blog post, I’ve determined, is going to be a little bit more personal than normal, mostly because I’ve realized that a lot of my posts are general, about events, or about crazy gay websites. Since I often take the time to be detailed and specific about others, I’ve decided it might be time for something a bit more about me.

As my New Years Resolution, I decided to join Curves. In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a fitness club for women only. Maybe it’s only my experience, but often the stigma attached is one of “this is a place for fat women who are too embarrassed to be around healthy people”. Or maybe that’s the stigma created by my own insecure mind. Regardless, let me take this opportunity to say that Curves isn’t just a place for overweight women. In this past month, I have run into the entire spectrum of weights and fitness levels.

I joined, mainly because I was having a hard time working out all by myself. Jesse and I used to go together, but he has grown busy with school. I realized that if I was going to stay healthy, I was going to have work out consistently in small chunks, instead of sporadically working out for 3 hours once a week.

Curves also holds a certain degree of nostalgia for me. In my senior year of high school, my mother and I joined together. The back story behind this is that I was a psychologically messed up teenager who had just been a willing participant in every eating disorder on the planet. I even invented one, where I would leave lunch meat to go bad and then try to eat it so it would make me sick. Many years later, when I got Campylobactor in France, I suffered the actual effects of this type of food poisoning, and realized what a blessing it was that my “lunch meat spoiling” plan didn’t work.

It was when my mom caught me throwing up with a toothbrush out in the backyard, however, that she realized I was in need of help. We figured out that all of my stress with “Schoolwork Perfectionism” was causing me to want to control my circumstances in any way possible. So my mom and I joined Curves- not only to give me something proactive and healthy to do, but also so that I would have an extra set of eyes to “watch me”. We ended up loving it. It turns out that you can have a lot of interesting conversations when your brain cells feel as though they are being “one-upped” by your muscles.

That’s how we joined. When I got to college, however, I only went with her during the summer, and eventually not at all. But I always looked back on it as the first positive move I made towards being healthy, not self-destructive, with eating and exercising. So naturally, when I was figuring out how to achieve my New Years Resolution, I turned to Curves. Not only is it only $40/mo., but it only takes 30 min 3x/week . My goal was to stay the same weight, eat the same, but become healthier.

So here is my first report, 1 month after joining. I gained 2 pounds (which might have been due to my huge lunch yesterday!) , but lost 3 inches and 1% of body fat! How’s that for healthy?

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