Spit on the Alma Mater!

Guess what I just found out….around 20 years ago, Lance Armstrong was one of the few and the proud to graduate from Bending Oaks! He is their amorous connection to the world of fame and athletics. The feeling is not mutual, however.

Apparently, Lance is bitter about his high school experience. He lived and went to school in Plano, but then qualified for some huge triathlon. When Plano high school officials wouldn’t let him skip that much school and still graduate, Lance had to turn to Bending Oaks for “alternatives”. He took summer classes and barely passed with enough credits to graduate. Rumor has it that his mom even had to beg the school to grant him his diploma.

Because of this, Lance openly despises Plano. He makes derisive mention of the city (and occasionally Bending Oaks) in his books, and he turned them down flat when they tried to hold a parade in his honor a few years ago.

So there you have it! Lance’s alma mater! Let’s just hope he doesn’t decide to visit…

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