We are Grandparents!

Actually, we are grand-friends! Today was Grandparents’ Day at Christiana’s school, Cambridge School of Dallas. It’s a hardcore classical Christian high school about 10 min. away from our apt. complex. Since Christiana’s grandma lives in Tennessee, she decided to invite us along as her honorary grandparents! Thankfully, I was able to go since I have this entire week off of work. Ah, how much I love being a teacher!!

Jesse and I thought about dying his hair white, but then people would think he really WAS a grandfather, escorting a potential 16 year old student around campus. This is actually referring to me and not Christiana, seeing as I am asked at least once a week, “and which high school do you attend?”. For me, life is an ongoing battle to look old.

But enough about how I am destined to look 16 until the day I turn 70. The visit to her school was charming, and a bit nostalgic at times, especially when the little 6th graders got up to recite the Lord’s Prayer in Latin and Chaucer’s intro to the Canterbury Tales. I felt like I was right back at the Latin School! The high school is a bit more intense, however, as is demonstrated by the fact that the seniors have to spend the entire year writing a thesis, then defend it before a panel of College Professors a few weeks before they graduate. Hey, isn’t that what you do for your PhD, not your high school diploma? They also have extremely strict dress code standards- white uniform long-sleeve polo shirts with plaid skirts, saddleback shoes, and specific stockings for the girls, and uniform shirts, ties, blazers, and doc martens for the boys. Apparently, this is lenient compared to most Dallas private schools, as Cambridge actually lets girls wear jewelry and makeup!!

Anyways, the school totally fits Christiana, who, as I said, is in her sixth year of Latin as an 11th grader, having won a summa cum laude on her Latin V National Exam. She also gets up at 4am every morning to row on Lake Dallas with her school squad. Here is the website if you wanna check it out. Most of their professors have MA’s or PhD’s. Sounds like an amazing high school! Except for the fact that it costs around 15k/year. Oh well:)

Here are some pics from our visit, iffin you want to see!

dsc00813.jpg dsc00814.jpg dsc00815.jpg dsc00816.jpg

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