So….big changes

So, basically, I should probably get out my “typing fingers” and fill you all in on a little secret the Cones/Honeycutts have had brewing for a few weeks….

No, we’re not pregnant. I will probably have to use that as a prelude a million more times before I turn 40.

We are going to be permanently foster-parenting a 15 year old girl!

Yup. And if you’re thinking, “How was THAT even on the radar for them?” great, so were we!

But that’s definitely how this thing is going to work. We’re never going to look back and think, deep down in our hearts, we always knew we wanted to be foster parents, because we’ve never even had a conversation about it!

I’ve always dreamt of adopting kids, but they were always babies, from another land. But never fostering American kids, least of all a teenager!

That’s what makes Caitlin so special. We love her enough that she was able to change and turn around all those “not us!” and “what if?”s that happened along the way. God convicted our hearts and changed them. She went from being one of our students at school to being someone we look forward to seeing every day, someone we love and want to protect. We want to raise her into a Godly young woman, then help her get her first car, go to college, and eventually have a family of her own!

Yes, we have 2 kids under the age of 2. Shhh. We know it will be hard.

But Love is always hard!

Because Caitlin has been in the “system” for a little while, we will have to undergo some special training in order to be better parents for her. We are hoping to eventually become certified as a therapeutic foster home instead of just Non-Family Relatives. It will take a few all-day Saturday classes, including one that starts tomorrow.

It also means that I will probably begin to cut back on teaching so many piano lessons so that I can be more available for her appointments and after-school needs. Jesse, of course, is always home by 3:15 or so, but we would both like to be there as much as possible.

But wait, you say, they live in a 2 bedroom townhome? How’s that supposed to work?

Well, remember our “maybe” house? The one that deviated from “The Plan”? That was our attempt at speeding up the process. Of course,  we only did this because we thought that we had found the ONE house in Atascadero that wasn’t a short sale or REO, therefore making the process as quick as any house-buying process can be (45-60 days).

BOY were we wrong! In fact, we were informed a few days ago that we don’t know if the deed of sale will EVER be released from this lawsuit. There is no timeline at all right now– March? December? May? No one even knows.

Big Bummer, right?

Except for God has a huge sense of humor. Remember the house we wanted to buy, back in April? The one that is within ear-shot of where we work? And it all fell through at the last minute?

Well, the one next door, which has a bigger yard and faces a side street instead of the busy road, is available for IMMEDIATE rental!

Yeah, seriously. God just did that.

We still haven’t received official confirmation that we got it, but as far as I know, we’re the only applicants (as of yesterday).

The only thing we needed to do was terminate our current lease. The way they do it is they charge $350, and then make you pay rent until they find someone to fill your spot.

Luckily, I just happened to mention all of this to a co-teacher! Her brother’s family has been looking for a place with a yard and garage, and we started emailing about the possibility of them taking over our lease. As of this morning, they’ve filled out applications and official paperwork to take over at the end of October! Hooray, right? We’ll only be paying a WEEK of rental overlap– perfect for moving in to a new place, a 90 second-drive away!

Isn’t it crazy how when God wants something to work, He opens all the doors?

Until our place is ready and we’re all settled, Caitlin will be staying with my parents and little sister. My mom has been to all of the meetings with me, so we have developed this plan with all of her social workers and care providers. She’ll be sleeping at their house for the next couple of weeks, but we’ll be “parenting” her, so to speak– taking her to appointments, helping with homework, setting the rules, etc.

In fact, the social worker is dropping her off at my parents’ house in less than an hour!

So, I should probably go….and later, start packing…!

Please pray for our Cone family as we go from being “little” to “big”!

My “HOLY CRAP” moments of the week:

1. We’re going to have a teenage daughter.

2. I’ll be 26 with THREE KIDS. When did that happen?

3. My little sister will be an “aunt” to someone a year older!

4. We’re moving again! Noooooo!!!!!!

5. Great, we’re going to need a mini-van sooner than I had thought….

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  • bespoken

    This is amazing. I am so happy for you guys and I can’t wait to hear more about how this journey unfolds. You and Jesse (and little G and baby A) will be so blessed in this.

    Also, I think it’s fantastic that Janelle is close to Caitlin’s age, because 1) it’s kind of like having a cousin/sister already in place and 2) you and your mom will be parenting teenage daughters side-by-side. 🙂

    I will be praying that your move goes smoothly. I know those can be rough, and yet somehow you always emerge on the other side with a beautifully decorated new home…

  • Beth B.

    That is amazing! So many big changes, but so wonderful to see God’s hand guiding each step of the process. Can’t wait to read more updates 🙂