Okay, these past few weeks have been an eye opener for both Jesse and I. We teach REALLY RICH kids!

A few examples:

a) We won’t use names, because then they wouldn’t be Google resistant, but one of the little 17 mo. old kids in my group music class has never worn the same outfit twice. In fact, at home she has 3 closets full of clothes with the tags still on. This is because she wears something once and then her mom gives it to Goodwill.

Not so bad, until I realized that most of her clothes were baby Burberry and Prada.

Not only that, but the mom also has an entire walk-in closet devoted ONLY to Jimmy Choo shoes. Estimated closet net value: Probably around 15k.

b) One Indian family clan at the Montessori school I teach happens to own a company of cigars. Oh, and half of Miami. LITERALLY. All of the docks, in fact

c) One of our students at “Flexing Poplars” has a chauffeur that drives him around in either a Hummer or Towncar. His family also has access to a few private jets and lives in a 8,000 sq/ft castle.

d) Another of our students at “Flexing Poplars” is the daughter of the man who owns the huge Minirth-Myer Clinic.

e) Lastly, I just got a new student this week. It was pretty hard to schedule her, mainly because we never actually got to talk to her mom. Instead, one of the mom’s many personal assistants was the one who scheduled the lesson. Family payroll suddenly has a new meaning…….

Meanwhile, I am just dreaming of the day when we can pay off our school loans!!

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  • nyx

    aw. i am glad you had a good bday. did you and jesse do anything? also…..even the previews to that movie scare me….*shudder*