Rich Kids, Nice Schools

I just recently found out how much many of my kids are paying to go to the schools I teach at. It astounded me, so I wanted a little feedback on what you’ve heard about Montessori, and if it works. So far, I do notice that the kids seem to be brighter and more confident, but I would like a little more proof than that before I shell out the money for my kids someday. Keep in mind, these are PRESCHOOLS.

Here is the most expensive of the schools- Castle Hills Montessori. They have electives in the afternoon, such as Chinese, Spanish, ballet, sports, drama, and of course, piano. It costs around $1100/mo. for an 8-3pm day (not including the extra for afternoon care and/or tuition for electives). They have cameras in every room, and they are projected to at least 10 tvs in the lobby so that visitors can see EXACTLY what happens all day. Here is their website. They also have a virtual tour at the bottom of the page where you can even catch a glimpse of my piano room.

Here is the website for the affiliation that a lot of my Montessori schools belong to called Montessori Unlimited (all of the schools have the exact same layout/floorplan). They only charge $800/mo. tuition for an 8-2pm day. Here is the website.

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