The last two days have been busy and more than a tad overwhelming.

Saturday morning, we woke up and G had a 103 fever. Seeing as this is his first since he was Anthony’s age, we didn’t even have Tylenol. We had to call my mom and ask her to bring some from her house! He’s not complaining of any other symptoms, he’s just super lethargic when the fever is at its peak. It BREAKS my heart to watch him still try to throw a ball (yes, not even a 103 fever stops him) while he stumbles around the living room.

Meanwhile, it seemed like nothing in our house was working. I couldn’t figure out the correct cycles on our dryer, so our clothes were continuously wet (stupid Energy Star! Totally a first-world problem though, I understand). Our dishwasher only washed half the dishes we put in it.

Somehow, we made it in one piece to the graduation ceremony on Saturday. Autie, Brooke and my mom watched the sick baby and infant in the cry room while I got to walk in with the faculty. Fun fact– I had the same graduation in the same exact place 9 years ago with many of the same teachers! In fact, I sat next to one of them. It was surreal and kept making me giggle a little bit. Jesse’s speech was FANTASTIC, and he’s been getting rave reviews ever since. Even last night at Paso High’s baccelaureate ceremony, someone random came up and asked, “weren’t you the speaker at NCCS graduation last night? I’m friends with so and so, and I can see why they say such awesome things about you!”

But, just as always when Jesse gets praise and accolades from those around him, I want to make and buy Courtney’s t-shirt idea. At one time, we all wanted to make shirts that said, “You may love Jesse,” on the front, and, “but WE loved him FIRST.” on the back. The rest of the evening, people introduced me to others as, “the wife of the speaker.” Hmmm…..

Anyways, we were exhausted by the time we got done with the various after-graduation parties and such. Luckily, one of the parties was actually being hosted at my parents’ house for Kelly Cannon, so I was able to put G down to sleep there and then leave with Jesse to visit others.

But Sunday brought a whole new set of challenges….on top of STILL having a toddler with a 103 temperature, our dishwasher still wasn’t working 100%, I still couldn’t figure out our dryer so the clothes from Saturday were still wet, our GARAGE DOOR stopped working (there’s a manual function, so thank God our car won’t be stuck inside!), AND we found a potentially venomous dead spider not a foot from Gregory’s crib. It moved while Jesse was poking it, so he stabbed it with his big knife. As a result, we can’t say for sure whether it’s a brown recluse or not, but we should know soon.

And, in all the shuffle of Saturday, I managed to somehow misplace my cell phone (still haven’t found it!).

So I pulled another “MAYDAY!!” alert on my mom. While Jesse went to Paso’s Baccalaureate service for Emily, my mom came over and watched the babies with me. She even did our dishes and folded all of our laundry (I had figured out the dryer by then…). I was able to finish out a stressful day eating pizza and chatting with my mom on the sofa. When Jesse got home, I made tea and we watched a movie.

Moral of the Story: Live 1 mile away from your mom. It’s worth it when you have 2 kids and one of them is sick. Promise.

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  • http://gravatar.com/vixivenuste nyxnyx

    ouch, sorry to hear. =( we’ve dealt with tons of fevers…heh….and have actually found ibuprophen (sp?) to work the best. you can go back and forth between the two every 4-6 hours alternating…
    but her fever broke each time with just one dose of ibup. (would come back later and would dose again…but at least would break for long enough for her to sleep.)

    We had roseola over easter and yeah….that fever was terrifying (had to use cool baths, etc.) to get it to finally break. But, again, we don’t even use tylenol and ER and our Dr agreed cause ibup. just works that well, surprisingly. Anyways….good luck.

    oh, and you probably already know this…but ICU taught me to use cool wash cloths and to blot the skin (never rub) with fevers when Justin was in there…rubbing with a washcloth or even rubbing the back/head with your hand to comfort causes friction which can increase the temperature. *shrug* good luck and rest to all of you!

    • http://kellyconepiano.wordpress.com Kelly

      Thanks! I haven’t used Ibuprofen yet, but Tylenol does the trick just fine. I just have only used it on him a handful of times in his life, so I dislike it. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t tolerate the cool washcloth thing– screamed and screamed. Luckily, as soon as we visited the pediatrician, it went down to 99.6, so I think the worst is over 🙂

  • nyx

    haha, yeah….that inevitably happens. they are awful and miserable with high fever or rash or whatnot and as SOON as you get to the dr they are fine. *sigh* and then you feel stupid. *chuckle* glad he’s doing better. =)

  • http://www.stephbrownthinks.blogspot.com Steph

    I think it depends on the mom… my mom and I live in the same town, she LOVES my boys but has never once offered to help out when they’re sick, I’m sick, Jerad is out of town for weeks at a time etc.

    • http://kellyconepiano.wordpress.com Kelly

      Steph, it’s probably because you are so competent and I’m so helpless, honestly 🙂 I beg my mom to come over– it’s once she’s already here that she offers to do things!

      • Steph

        Haha thanks! It’s not true though. I have called and begged and got shutdown a few times. I think next time my tactic will be leaving the kids on her doorstep, ringing the bell, and dashing. 🙂