all he does

All Gregory does during his “playtime” (aka, whenever he’s not stuffing his face with food) is run around the house. By “run”, I mean his walk has now turned really fast. No more tottering, we are now power walking with speed and efficiency 🙂 For instance, in the time it took me to take a sip of coffee, he had already made it across the living room and completely down the hallway! Occasionally, I’ll get up and pretend to “chase” him…he giggles hysterically and takes off as fast as he can.

He also has two favorite toys right now– his Dodger bat, which he swings and hits anything and everything with (it’s also convenient for “rooting around” in trashcans. who woulda thought) and his basketball. All he does with the basketball, over and over, for half an hour straight sometimes, is pick it up, throw it, watch it roll while making loud exclamations like “dat! dat! ball!”, chase after it, and repeat. He gets so thoroughly entranced by it. Stinkin hilarious 🙂

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