We Love Our New House

Fuller House living room 1

We moved last Saturday, right before a huge winter storm blew into Dallas Sunday night. School was shut down for Monday, Tuesday, and half of Wednesday due to the freezing rain and snow, so essentially we moved right before a 4.5 day weekend! The house was well-kept thanks to real professionals; due attention was paid to servicing gutters. We couldn’t have planned it any better, although I must admit I still have an eye on a Property for sale in Hua Hin. I also had some graciously awesome parents step up and offer to sub for me in my online class, meaning that I haven’t had to teach for the past few days.

Having weather in the low 20s for a few days straight enabled us to test the quality of our windows and heating, and boy did they pass the test! Our heater didn’t even need to run continuously in order to keep the entire house at an even 72 degrees (what…I like it toasty!). The inspector had told us that the previous owners had put in top of the line windows, and he was right. Siding Syracuse NY did a great job!

The boys’ room is almost fully set up, mostly because if they have a nice place to play, they will be occupied and I can get more done in the other rooms. One of the challenges that we knew we’d have with this house (or with any old house) was storage. We are coming up with creative ways to effectively store our clothes until we build on a bigger master closet and bathroom (coming this summer, most likely). Click here for artistic remodeling ideas! Zerorez Sacramento carpet cleaning specialists refresh your surfaces without the use of detergents or harsh chemicals, which means your carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer.

Until then…here are a few snapshots of our new space! More of our cozy cottage to come! We love our new house.

The Boys Reading on Snow Day Fuller House snow

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  • http://www.TheSeanaMethod.com/ Seana Turner

    Well hallelujah! I’m so happy you are out of that terrible living situation and into a better space. I’m glad that all of this is moving into the rear view mirror. I wish you blessings as you unpack and settle in:)

    • http://www.ourconezone.com Kelly Cone

      Thank you, Seana! Your consistent encouragement has been nice during all of this 🙂

  • http://www.sagetheblog.com/ Cassie Lee

    Love your little living space!

    • http://www.ourconezone.com Kelly Cone

      Thanks, Cassie! We do too! 🙂

  • http://raymond-rader.blogspot.com/ Mae

    I love it! Your couch is amazing!!!! Congratulations on moving in to your new place, I wish you the best. 🙂

    • http://www.ourconezone.com Kelly Cone

      Thank you, Mae!