Ice Storm!

On Monday morning began the miserably cold drizzle. By Tuesday, the drizzle had been combined with a high of 30 degrees. Tuesday night until Wednesday, the ice/rain stormed down (it sounded like nothing I’ve ever heard! Like thousands of nails being shot down onto the grass!). Schools were either canceled or let out early on Tuesday, and completely canceled on Wednesday to avoid massive car accidents. As it was, there had already been 78 in Dallas within the span of 2 hours on Tuesday morning!

But it was a cool experience, especially since Jesse and I got to stay home Wednesday and watch movies in a toasty warm house. Driving around later that day once the temperature had warmed up to around 35 (which actually melted some of the ice, believe it or not!) was a sight to see. Apparently, ice is hard to photograph, seeing as it is clear, but if you can just picture every single tree branch and blade of grass covered in a thin sheet of glass-like ice, along with icicles hanging from everything, you can get an idea of what it was like! MUCH cooler than snow, if you ask me! Apparently freezing rain occurs in parts of the country where there are ups and downs of cold and warm weather in the winter. That’s Dallas alright! If it were cold ALL the time, the rain would have turned to snow before it made it to us.

This morning was not as treacherous, despite the fact that it only made it to 25 degrees as I was driving in to work, but it was like a Fairy Winter Wonderland. A thin sheet of powdery white covered every rooftop, every embankment and lawn. It took the occasional patch of ice on the freeway (yikes! Talk about a wake up jolt!) to startle me out of the beauty of it all.

Here are some pictures of the storm yesterday. Keep in mind, this is after 10 hours of melting!

All the trees looked like this

All of the cars in our complex looked like this

This table actually used to be clear

This table actually used to be clear

The walk in to Taco Bell was very slippery

The walk in to Taco Bell was very slippery

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  • nyx

    those are beautiful pictures! also super happy I dont have to drive in that…. scary…

  • knotquiteawake

    That closeup of the tree branches is pretty cool. Totally covered in ice.

  • themrscone

    Yeah, no one wanted to drive in it. That’s why everyone got days off of work. Funny enough though, they said that although the major highways were about 70% deserted yesterday, all of the movie theaters were jam-packed! Guess it’s too dangerous to drive to work but not the movie theater!

  • Courtney

    i love the one of the tree! great picture, kel!

  • Tess

    We had that happen at Grove City once or twice when I was there. Lucky for me, I had a doctor’s appt. 45 min away and had to borrow someone’s car! I literally had to crack the ice over the car and peel it away like a hard boiled egg. It was only later that I admitted to the car’s owner that I accidently spun into a 360 simply on my way out of the college…fun times!