Laundry Room Floor Part 1

Remember our new laundry room? For those of you who are new here, this past summer we paid a friend of ours to put up a wall in our garage, giving us the laundry/mudroom we’ve always wanted.

Laundry Room During 4


Laundry Room almost finished 1

But if you look closely, there’s one important thing missing– a FLOOR! So we cleared out the furniture, swept it out, and got ready to give a touch of elegance to the would-be floor. We lately came to know that provides a vinyl decking covering, so we thought of trying that out too.

Floor Project Cement 4

My favorite man dude, sweeping. It’s love, I tell you.

Before tiling, we knew that there was one really important thing we needed to fix. Towards the back end, the floor suddenly slopes down 2-3 inches! This is a straight board held up to the baseboard so you can see just how bad it was.

Floor Project Cement 3

For our first round, we experimented with two different kinds of cement. We wanted that awesome “self-leveling” stuff, but Home Depot and our local hardware store BOTH said they didn’t have it.

Floor Project Cement 2

While we filled in the major gap, the result was not nearly as smooth as we wanted. Luckily, our favorite contractor was over yesterday the one that we found on this page, doing some work on our garage roof. He said that the Home Depot people are clueless, and that they DO have self-leveling concrete, but it’s in the tiling/flooring aisle, not in the concrete aisle.

So, back I went. And you know what? This stuff is worth every penny. And at $30/bag, that’s saying a lot.

Floor Project Cement 5

Floor Project Cement 1


Ah! There it is! So nice and smooth! Now we can actually put furniture in here without propping it up on one end (a see-saw bench in my laundry room is NOT my idea of fun).

We should have the ceramic tile in sometime this week, so I’ll be sure to give you Part 2 fairly soon. That was quite a challenge for us.

The cutest thing about this whole project was my little Gregory this morning. Because the hutch is in two pieces right now, waiting to go back into its rightful spot, he’s been playing inside it all morning. At first, I tried to stop him, but he kept insisting so I made sure it was safe (ie., put away the cord, and made sure it couldn’t tip) and let it be. As I listened in, I realized he’s been re-enacting Dumbo and the train cars all morning! He keeps pretending he’s a circus animal, waiting behind the door. Mind you, he saw the movie for the FIRST time last night, so he must be pretty fascinated.

Gregory in hutch


P.S., Does anyone else get super scared during the “pink elephants”? Sadly, I’m talking about me, not the kids 😉


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