New Laundry Room

When we moved in to our new house 4 months ago (4 months, can you believe it?), we knew that we would eventually enclose the carport and either make a giant family room, or a laundry room and a bedroom. We chose the latter, mainly because it worked perfectly for what we need (aka, we need a 4th bedroom so that the boys can have a bigger space eventually, and a mudroom/laundry room for all of our dirty stuff? nice!…).

For frame of reference, the area I am talking about is right beyond this door in the kitchen:

Valle Kitchen After

Before we moved in, here was the view from this door:

Valle 10

Here is the view from the outside looking in:

Valle 8

The door to the left goes to the kitchen, for reference. The door in the middle goes to our backyard.

AFTER we moved in, it became even worse, filled with moving boxes galore. We could hardly move around in there, much less park a car. A few weeks ago, we officially hired a friend who works as a contractor. He began work on “THE WALL”– aka, our new laundry room!



DAY 2 (or 3?)

DAY 2 (or 3?)

It was somewhere around this time that the Bartels came over, and, in the usual manner of wives who are about to have company over, I convinced Jesse to put in a couple good hours to stack/throw away boxes. The rest of the foraging was done by a removals in Glasgow company. And we got this!

It fits!

It fits!

Behind the car, you can just barely see THE WALL. We will soon be moving the door from the kitchen to this spot in front of the car.

The mudding has finally been done over the drywall, and we now have this!!!

Laundry Room During 2 Laundry Room During 1

Do not be fooled by the junky appearance! It will go from caterpillar to butterfly, I promise. Here are some of my favorite inspiration pictures:

Laundry Room Inspiration 5

We have this Expedit unit from Ikea, along with a fitted seat pad, so we will probably use it in this capacity somehow.

Laundry Room Inspiration 4

Above the Expedit, I want to construct something like this. DROOL….

Laundry Room Inspiration 3

This picture is my ultimate color inspiration.

Laundry Room Inspiration 2

We are going to make something like this on the direct opposite wall from the washing machine. Organization Heaven!!

Laundry Room Inspiration 1

Also dreaming about this. We have a cupboard like this one, sitting outside unpainted in the garage, so it would basically cost us nothing!

That’s it for now! More updates when we have something to show!

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