I’m a Writer!

Okay, you already knew this. Obviously. I write on this blog at least 2-3x/week, on average, even if it’s silly stuff. I find that once I haven’t blogged for a few weeks, writer’s block is unavoidable– I don’t feel like I can phrase anything!

Anyways, I already love to write. But I am now going to get PAID!!

My old music company (I won’t give the name, we didn’t often have a good relationship, plus I probably already mentioned it on this blog about 2 years ago) that I used to teach piano lessons through just announced that they are adding an “articles” section to their website. The company has expanded tremendously since I worked there (I was the only “employee”, now there are a dozen or so) and they have parents requesting informative articles on piano lessons and things that they as parents can do to help their children. My (old) boss asked all existing and former teachers to try their hand at writing an article about different aspects of piano teaching. She said that if they like the first article and think it interesting and informative, they would ask the teacher to write 2-3 articles per month on a contractual basis.

I sat down, wrote an article about Home Music Lessons in about 30 minutes, proofread it, and sent it off a week before the deadline. A few hours later, she got back to me and said that they loved the article and want me to write 2 articles a month for them. The pay is only $40/article, but the article only has to be a min. of 500 words. It was seriously the easiest money I’ve ever made. I love writing. Always have. And I have 7 years of piano teaching to draw upon.

So, there you go!! I will post a link to the website as soon as my first article is posted. Hooray!

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  • nyx

    sweet! congrats! =)

  • Tess

    Hilarious! Glad to hear the morning sickness has subsided. I will be praying for Jesse though! Some of this stuff seems so bizarre that I wonder if it’s emphasized for dramatic effect, but then I remember you’re you and it some how seems plausible. Hehe…don’t cry. I love you- we’ll talk soon, somehow!

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