Healthy Eating Goals

In 3.5 weeks, school will be over and summer will OFFICIALLY be here. Jesse and I are making our list of places to visit, projects to conquer, books to finish, etc. We will probably be visiting the beach 1-2x/week, seeing as we are only 20-30 minutes away.

You know what this means, right? Time to lose those last 5 pounds (no matter what weight one is, everyone has those “last 5” friendly ones that they want gone).

I give up super easy lately when it comes to healthy eating and working out. I didn’t used to, but then kids happened, and it became difficult juggling 2 crazy people, working part time, and keeping the house semi-clean– especially when I have to hose down the entire kitchen after the aforementioned crazy people eat a meal. I wish I could just strap them down and shovel the food into their mouths so they couldn’t smear it all over the tables, walls and floor, but, then, they’d be 40 years old with no ability to eat in front of people. So.

Ideally, I want to be back at my fighting weight of 125 pounds. But we’ll see. I am in love with icecream and cookies, so it might never happen. Anthony is 13 months old now and only nurses 3x/day, so I’m not worried about effecting milk supply anymore, finally!

I’ve made a few steps towards progress. I joined Jesse’s gym last month, but I’ve only been making it once or twice a week. That probably needs to change, right? (Side note: Jesse lost 10 pounds in the last 2 months, just by making healthier food choices and working out a few times/week. No starving or dieting, and that’s including the 2-3 pounds of muscle he’s been able to put on his arms and upper body….sigh. sometimes, I wish I were a dude.)

We eat fairly healthy for breakfast (99% of the time we make steel cut oats sweetened with blueberries), and since I make the meal plan, I’m able to ensure that our dinners are mostly protein and veggies. The boys don’t even know what “dessert” after dinner looks like, because we just don’t even go there. Gregory gets a cookie or a sweet treat maybe once a week.

But lunch. LUNCH.

Lunch is my nemesis. The hardest meal of the day. Why am I always so busy, even though I stay at home 3 days/week? Why don’t I ever plan ahead? I forget to eat until I am absolutely ravenous, and then I go all Mrs. Pacman on an entire box of mac and cheese in one sitting.

So I am targeting lunch. Hear that? Aiming one giant celery-stalk arrow at lunch. Change will happen.

Yesterday’s lunch was leftover chicken fingers and a protein bar. Not too bad. Not too great, though.

Today was better.

Chicken/almonds/raisins salad, plus an almond milk protein shake

Chicken/almonds/raisins salad, plus an almond milk protein shake

I’m currently enthralled with almond milk. It’s amazing stuff, guys, and it’s much cheaper than milk.

Does anyone want to form a “Healthy Eating” solidarity group with me? I find it so hard to keep motivated. Peer pressure helps, no?

Speaking of achievements, IT HAS BEEN 5.5 WEEKS SINCE MY LAST SIP OF SODA OR DIET COKE!!! I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without one. Turns out, all it took was a documentary on the long term side-effects of Diet Coke (brain seizures? brain tumors? gah!) to scare the **** out of me. It truly did. I went Diet Coke-free that day and haven’t had a relapse since!

Cheers! Let’s toast to a healthy week of eating!

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