Friday Morning Coffee Date

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In just a few hours, I will be headed to an “in person” coffee date with all of my bestie girls from church, but before we get ahead of ourselves, I am going to drink my coffee here and chat. (You can check out all of my coffee dates here).

If we were having coffee together right now, I’d tell you that….

Jesse and I had the “when should we have a 3rd baby” talk the other night. An actual serious talk. It kind of freaked me out, which tells me that I am NOT ready to have another baby, mostly because I hate pregnancy (there, I said it! now you know my secret!). The whole conversation actually reached this place where I said, “No, Jesse, tell me what you MEAN.” He looked confused, so I said, “No, tell me what your FEELINGS are about this.” We both looked at each other and then burst out laughing hysterically because of how stereotypical that all came out– guy says what he thinks, girl asks to know what he FEELS.

But, just to be clear, Baby #3 is far off, I can assure you. I’d much rather adopt than be pregnant again.

And yet, I bought a few baby girl clothes at a garage sale last Saturday (I know! I know! I have a problem!!). Just looking at them made my heart hurt, so I stopped the pain by buying them 🙂 I love having rambunctious little boys, but I want to buy pink things! Someday. Or now. Depends on my self control in the moment, really.

I have not done much Preschooling with Gregory this semester. I teach an elementary class online 4 days a week, and after I get done with the lesson planning and grading, part of me is just DONE. I feel bad about this, and I am making a concerted effort to do more things with him this coming year. He just turned 4, and he’s already sounding out words and reading some, so I think we can’t be too far behind in getting ready for Kindergarten, right? He’s always singing or painting too (he says, Momma, I’m your Painter Boy!).

Gregory watched the “Thriller” music video on Halloween, and hasn’t stopped talking about “the monster song” and practicing Michael Jackson-esque moves (especially in church!). I’m partly ashamed and partly proud. I don’t know which to be, really. Michael Jackson or Sesame Street? Motherhood is so confusing.

My family is FLYING OUT TO DALLAS FOR THANKSGIVING!!! I am so crazy excited about this, I can’t even put it into words. A whole week with my family, here in Dallas, the city I love! Both of my brothers got leave from the military, so it will the FIRST TIME we’ve all been together in over 2 years!!

I’m officially a yoga addict. More on that later. And I think I’m kind of good at it? Or I’m really bad and no one has the heart to tell me. Any-hoo.

We’ve been going to church a lot during the week. We try to go on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and then of course on Sundays. I mention this because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it. If church is something that keeps us spiritually healthy, shouldn’t we be going as often as possible? I mean, we get gym memberships to keep us physically fit, don’t we need church to keep us spiritually fit? I don’t think that church is something we can “grow out of”, and, personally, anybody who thinks they don’t need church is either in denial or going to the wrong church. I can say, there are a lot of churches out there that would not help me AT ALL spiritually, and I can definitely understand those people that leave in droves. I go to church because my life depends on it, quite literally. Mini-Rant-Over-and-Out.

Our foster boys were finally moved from the home we found for them in CA. I can already tell that this is for the best, and that they are doing much better as a result. Kids know when they’re not wanted, and it must be such a relief to be settled again! They have been separated, which breaks my heart, but God knows what they need. Gregory and I have been lighting candles for them every Sunday in front of St. John of San Francisco’s icon (he founded an orphanage and cares deeply for orphans and foster children). I also have been able to text one of the boys regularly, which does my Momma Heart good.

It’s SO COLD here now! Winter has definitely arrived. The leaves were just beginning to turn, due to our late and long Indian Summer here, but I kind of don’t care. I WANT SNOW!!! Speaking of which, I need to keep my eye out for snow boots for both boys. Last time we lived in Dallas, Gregory was just a bitty baby! I just know that both boys are going to want to play in the snow lots this winter, so boots I must find! I’d like them to also double as rain boots, so, you know, that challenge should get interesting.

I moved my herb garden into our sunroom, and the boys have mistaken it for a second sandbox. Sad Momma….

I went on a date with Jesse last night. An actual, real life, no kids allowed, date! This is only our second one since moving to Dallas. We hung out at the Galleria mall, spied on all the ice skaters, ate a few GIANT bacon burgers. Gregory got really jealous as we were about to leave, saying that only HE was allowed to go on dates with me, and that we should leave Dadda at home (awww!). He settled down with the promise of us bringing him back a small candy from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

I’ve been getting a lot of cool opportunities to work with people in this blogging community. It’s been exciting, and for a blogger who just made it out of her rookie year? I’m all star struck and excited over here. More coming later!

I should probably throw on some pants and go to my ladies church gathering now…this was fun!

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  • Becky @ bybmg

    We’re pregnant with #3, and with two boys already, I can totally relate to the wanting a girl longing. We are finding out at the ultrasound this time… We didn’t with either boy, and I am having a lot of anxiety about it. I hate feeling torn. I know I’m blessed to have another baby, but torn because I so want a girl… Ugh. Glad your foster boys are in a better place!

  • Kelly Cone

    Oh man, we’ll totally do the ultrasound route too, and I will also be so disappointed if it’s not a girl. But I always end up loving my babies a ton, so I’m sure it will be fine in the end 🙂