National Coffee Day

I’d already poured myself a cup of coffee (yes, I know, i’m “hurting” my baby and gonna burn in you-know -where) when I realized it is National Coffee Day!

In honor, here’s an informative article from “The Oatmeal”, titled, “15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee“.

Also, while we’re at it, take a peek at their take on the Twilight series (it’s a bit crude, just to warn you. But it’s not as bad as reading the actual books, IMHO).

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  • Hope

    you’re not hurting the baby! i heard an ob nurse practitioner say 1-2 cups a day is “good”. on another note, my coffee yesterday morning gave me like a double-decker adrenaline sandwich. no idea why it was so different from normal, and it’s not doing it today, but wow did i have energy.