I just drugged our kid…

I realize this post is even more hilarious right after the last one.

Tonight, I gave in and went to buy coffee during our 15 minute break during class. Unfortunately, they were all out of the coffee they normally pour into the Iced Mochas, and were offering free espresso instead.

I said yes. I KNOW I KNOW!!! I am a horrible mother!! But the hot cocoa just didn’t cut it today.

But on the plus side– I am TOTALLY FEELING THE BABY MOVE RIGHT NOW!! Tons and tons of fluttering, right where the midwife looked for the heartbeat! It feels like 50 butterflies trapped inside!

Yeah. So, apparently I just drugged our kid. “Jesse”, I said. “Either our baby just OD’d or it’s in the middle of hyperactive caffeine-induced gymnastics”. We are hoping it is the latter. Mother of the year award, coming right up.

And, by the way, Jesse is completely jealous right now. Me? I’m just completely guilt-ridden.

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  • nyx

    well, not that I know what this feels like at all…but don’t worry about it. A little caffeine is probably good for the kiddo. btw…a little beer apparently increases iq (just make sure its better than corona). 😉

    Is the coffee fix more about flavor or caffeine? For me its more about flavor so I can switch back and forth between decaf and regualr. If you hate the flavor of decaf you can get caffeine free or the swiss water process coffee (listed in descending order of caffeine % and increasing order of price). If you think decaf tastes gross, go with a good brand and measure 1.5 times more than you normally would to make it stronger.

    The lack of coffee I think is my personal greatest fear when it comes to kids; but, thank God for decaf. =) Good luck!