It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any good thrift store/craigslist/garage sale finds.

This past week has been an amazing batch of deals, so I thought I’d share!

First of all, G finally has a toddler bed and mattress. We already had his crib mattress, but I want to use G’s crib for Anthony soon eventually.

I’m also a HUGE stickler about organic mattresses. Our current crib mattress is organic and wool, due to another lucky find on Craigslist (it was unused since the baby ended up co-sleeping until he was ready for a bed). Unfortunately, new organic crib mattresses come with a hefty price tag, and since I also have a mortgage to pay now, money isn’t what it used to be around here 😉

This is the one I wanted, but it was $279 on Amazon!!!

This is the one I wanted, but it was $279 on Amazon!!!

I’ve been faithfully searching for weeks/months, looking for the right deal.

And then, the crib mattress of my dreams, NEW AND STILL IN THE BOX, was listed on Craigslist for only $100. Turns out, the mom had received two at her shower and didn’t feel like going through the process of mailing back the other one.

G's new room 1

Gregory was cackling with glee the entire time we set this up!

His toddler bed was $55 on Amazon. It’s super sturdy, took only 30 minutes to set up, and arrived in 2 days! I didn’t want to buy on Craigslist because I want to be able to get a matching one for Anthony when the time comes.

Our next two deals:

coffee can wooden bowls

I found both of these at our school’s thrift store. They were cheap to begin with, but we actually got them for free (teacher’s store credit).

Our last deal that we got I don’t have a picture of, due to its disassembled nature. We found the perfect ceiling fan for our bedroom, also free because it was at the thrift store! Last summer, our ceiling fans enabled us to only turn on our air conditioning once or twice (the Texan in me can’t believe I just said that!), so we’re stoked to have another one.

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