The sky is raining…

…baby stuff 🙂

I mentioned a few days ago that I was given a $200 Sears gift card at my baby shower to buy a stroller and a carseat. As it turns out…I think I am going to buy one at Target instead. They have an OWL travel set I was not aware of until yesterday, probably because it’s only online.

Hopefully, (I think!) Courtney is helping to throw me another baby shower here in TX. Perhaps I can ask for enough gift cards to buy this…if not, things may get interesting 😉

But I had a whopping $200 gift card to Sears? What to do, what to do?

I’ll tell you what I did 🙂 I consulted my mom, and ran past her the idea of buying things through Sears that are only sold online, and that I can’t find anywhere else.

It turned out to be a great idea. Using the gift card, I was able to purchase some of Gregory’s most essential items– an organic waterproof mattress cover ($50…too expensive! I blame it on the protective pregnancy hormones), 3 organic crib sheets (….hormones…), a changing pad with a non-skid bottom (…common sense…), a wedge sleep positioner and a Happy Heiny’s diaper sprayer that attaches to the back of the toilet to rinse nasty stuff off of cloth diapers before you put them in the hamper ($25 cheaper than the BumGenius one, for cloth diaper “aficionados”). Basically, if we were to bring Gregory home tomorrow, we would only be missing the carseat. Sure, there are other things that will make raising him easier, but you get the point.

Last but not least, I teamed up with my dad to find an organic mattress. I know, what’s with all the organic stuff??

Well, I’ve recently become convinced to the point that I’m not comfortable putting Gregory on a conventional crib mattress. Apparently, they achieve flame retardancy by using roach poison. Yes, you heard me. Just ask any mom who’s bought a brand new mattress how long it took before the eye-watering fumes from all the chemicals wore off. I don’t even want to think about Gregory breathing those first hand, 15-20 hours a day! (For the record, any mattress is considered safe after it’s been left to breathe for 6 years).

But organic mattresses are expensive. And I mean, EXPENSIVE. The really good ones run for over $400, the mid-line brands are around $260.

I was going to wind up with a used mattress regardless, seeing as one came with both of the cribs I’ve bought over the last year. I wasn’t about to go out and spend $80 for a new mattress drenched in roach poison, and I definitely don’t have $260. So, I figured, I was going to try my luck at finding a used organic mattress.

And we found one! My dad picked it up today, in SLO. It will take up residence with my crib until Julie can drive them both out here in 2 weeks. Barely used (both boys were mostly co-sleepers with the parents), and it was only $60! The brand is Vivetique, if you are interested.

Okay, enough about baby stuff. Tomorrow, I will be posting something of a completely different nature. Just you wait 😉

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