Coffee Date

coffee burlap bag

Well, everyone, I definitely need this coffee date. It’s been a hell-uv-uh week. Perhaps I should spike my coffee with a bit of Kalua this time? Baileys?

Hmm. How shall I begin?

Our house is on the market. I have 15 tips to share with you all tomorrow, but it’s exhausting, this “make-your-house-look-like-no-one-lives-here-except-4-boys-and-2-adults-do” stuff. We’ve had around 6 showings so far, no offers yet. Fingers crossed!

We don’t quite have a definite plan of what we’re going to do when we get to TX. Buy? (Where?) Rent? (Where?) We’ll probably end up renting, at this rate. Our timeline is a bit scrunched, especially if our house takes a few weeks to sell. If we rent for a few months, we give ourselves some breathing room, you know? But then we move twice, which isn’t my favorite idea.

We got back from Spokane, and I got a NASTY sinus infection. Like, nose tripled in size, ears about to burst, throat so sore it felt like strep. I eased my pain slightly with all of my essential oils, but after 5 days of no improvement I dragged myself to the dr. and got antibiotics. Sigh of relief….until it gave me a yeast infection (TMI? Sorry. Nope, not sorry), despite all of the yogurt and probiotics I ate. And then you add that to the nasty sunburn I got on ONE shoulder last Monday….I’d like a day of feeling normal, please?

Before I’m done complaining (yeah, right!), I want to tell you that our foster boys are back with us for the foreseeable future. They will no longer be reuniting with their family due to an incident that occurred, and my heart is just breaking for them. All these precious boys want is to be with people who love them, and the very people that should be protecting them are the ones they need protection FROM. I can’t go into any more detail than that, but their story is gut-wrenching, kick-you-in-the-face sad. It’s very hard for me to care about normal, everyday things lately, because all I can think about are these boys and how they’ve been so very wronged in their short lives.

On a more positive note, I’ve had so many wonderfully perfect moments with Gregory and AJ this past week. Moments that make me want to take pictures and hold them close forever. Reading books together, laughing at all the funny parts, feeding the ducks today, playing doctor with one another (their new favorite game), singing little songs (AJ’s little 2 year old voice is the SWEETEST!). Being a mom is the best job out there, hands down.

Gregory in playground

Speaking of my boys, they have had a hard time adjusting to all the stress surrounding our foster care situation. Last week, when Gregory got in trouble, he started sobbing uncontrollably, “DON’T SEND ME AWAY! DON’T SEND ME AWAY!”. He didn’t understand why our foster boys were leaving (visits with their family) and thought we were sending them away when they were bad. It breaks my heart to think that he doesn’t know he’s mine, that he fears being left somewhere. It’s hard to realize and come to grips with the struggles and scars we all get from caring for the big and hurting world around us.

I felt so loved after I posted about my fears last week. I received so many sweet messages, it was like one big virtual online hug. You have no idea how long I’d been sitting on those thoughts and fears before writing them. I think that’s how it works– we fear it until we talk about it.

AJ playground smiling

I held a piano recital two Sundays ago for my 18 piano students. It was fun, but also sad. One kid played Auld Lang Syne and I felt like crying. They all did so marvelously! My 5 older kids (junior high and up) played Pride and Prejudice and David Lanz songs. It was like listening to a cd that I helped create! So fulfilling!

We are chaperoning for our school’s Prom this Saturday. It’s on a boat. I REALLY hope I don’t get seasick and puke!….

How has your week been? If you’d like to join, post in the comments!


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  • Robyn Black

    i bet it is so hard to be faced with that reality and to see the kids go through all of that. but God is changing your heart and that is such a blessing!

    • Kelly Cone

      I think God is making me okay with uncertainty. I have to be okay with it or go crazy! It makes me rely on Him more.

  • Becky @ bybmg

    Oh, man. That stinks so much that the boys aren’t going back home. 🙁 So, they’ll be moving with you? Sorry you’ve been sick. Hope you get a break soon!

    • Kelly Cone

      Thanks for the encouragement, Becky! We aren’t in charge of the boys’ future. We just know that we get to love on them a little longer <3

  • Rebecca Hatcher

    I have been wondering about your foster boys, and I’m so sad to hear that their parents are not able to get it together enough for their kids to go back 🙁 That’s got to be so devastating for the kids. If you are allowed to say, what is going to happen to them when you move to Texas? Will they be moved to a new placement?

    • themrscone

      Rebecca, I can say that they will be going to a permanent adoptive home, and that there are a couple GREAT ones fighting to get them 😉 We do not feel it’s in their best interests to haul them to TX right now, too much transition.

    • Kelly Cone

      Rebecca, I am allowed to share that they have a new ADOPTIVE placement, coming soon!!!!!!!!! We will have them until then, however, but I am so thankful for how the Lord is looking after and providing for his babies <3

      • Rebecca Hatcher

        Wow, I have such mixed feelings that I did not expect to have. I’m so glad that they are going to be adopted into a stable home! I am SO sad that their parents were not able to get it together, that is so devastating. But then again, I am SO SO glad that they are going to an adoptive placement and are not going to be going back and forth for years and years, which is what happened with my cousins. I think I probably feel this way because I have experienced the foster parenting cycle from the inside and I’m probably re-feeling some old feelings. You’re doing a great job 🙂

  • Madaline

    I’m so sad to hear about your foster children – I’ll be praying for them! Your sons are so precious and I can’t even imagine all the things that run through their heads (regarding their foster brothers) but how amazing that they get to share their amazing home and parents with other children. My mom was a inner city social worker when i was a little girl and would take me with her on holidays – I have to tell you that seeing those families living the way they did profoundly impacted and made me a better person today. By the way – we call a coffee with a little “help” a corrective here – and it’s totally appropriate to drink it any time of the day – so I’m sending you a virtual one right now!

    • Kelly Cone

      Madaline, what an interesting perspective! I am so glad to hear that it made you a better person. As a mother, it’s just hard not to worry, you know? Coffee with “help”– I like it 🙂